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Airframe Ultra Looks Like a PS1 Akira Game in First Trailer from Rain World Dev

Airframe Ultra Looks Like PS1 Akira Game in First Trailer from Rain World Dev

Publisher Akupara Games and Rain World developer Videocult have revealed an announcement trailer for Airframe Ultra, a futuristic action game for PC via Steam that looks like a long-lost PlayStation 1 Akira racing adventure (via Gematsu). The project’s debut trailer makes things clear: This is a fast-paced and violent game that hearkens back to the glory days of games like Twisted Metal and Carmageddon. When you’re not surviving the hazards of the beaten-down world around you, you’ll be able to use a few weapons to take out enemy riders. Some of these were teased in the Airframe Ultra trailer (below), including a sledgehammer, long metal pipe, and, perhaps the coolest of all, a chain.

The game lets players compete against one another, so expect to use some of those weapons against your closest friends when it eventually releases. Videocult co-founder James Therrien revealed more about the arsenal of weapons players will have at their disposal in an Airframe Ultra press release:

It’s the year 2023, why are there no super cool retro cyberpunk hoverbike racing combat games? I feel like I was lied to by society. So it looks like we’re going to have to do it ourselves. We put in katanas, molotov cocktails, a chain that you swing around and use as a whip. Heck you can even joust with knocked down street signs, like some crazed street knights. Cervantes in a moto jacket. Do you remember Twisted MetalVigilanteCarmageddon? I delight in memories of chaotic fun with vehicular carnage: explosions, shouting names at my friends. To deny the youth of today those same halcyon days would be tragic. It’s up to us. So pick up your helmet and your uzi, dust off your rusted airframe and join us in this celebration of speed and violence! Welcome to Airframe Ultra.

Airframe Ultra is only set to come to PC for now. No release date has been revealed yet. For more games with PS1-style graphics, you might want to check out the likes of Frogun and Lunistice. Or for more Akira-ish action driving, check out Runner.

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