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Alan Wake 2 Will Be Remedy’s Definitive Take on Survival Horror

Alan Wake 2 survival horror Alan Wake 2 Is Playable from Start to Finish at Remedy

The Game Awards 2021 had a major announcement that came out of left field. Alan Wake 2 was revealed with a release window of 2023. Remedy’s Sam Lake talked a bit about how the game is more of a psychological, deep mystery. Speaking to GamesRadar, the creative director elaborated slightly on how Alan Wake 2 will see Remedy’s unique take on survival horror, in addition to discussing the game’s scope.

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Remedy promises the anticipated next chapter in Alan Wake’s story will be a tonal shift, quite different from the more lighthearted Twin Peaks-like original adventure. The aim is to take a cohesive approach to survival horror with Alan Wake 2, and Lake said, “Gameplay, narrative, atmosphere, music – it’s all singing from the same hymn sheet, and that was very important for us from the outset.”

Lake also stated he wants Alan Wake 2 to be welcoming to new players and returning fans alike. Of course, gamers who have played Alan Wake, as well as the trippy adventure Control and its AWE DLC that ties into Wake‘s universe, will get a better sense of connectedness between all four scenarios.

It’s been 13 years since the original Alan Wake was released, but there was always an intention to return to the game’s setting, Lake said. With all the time that has passed between the two titles, though, expectations have grown and the project has become more ambitious. It is Remedy’s “biggest project yet.” Considering the studio is also working on Control 2, a Control multiplayer spinoff, and remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2, that’s certainly saying something. Here’s hoping all of the company’s upcoming games are wildly successful. They have all certainly been unique, so far.

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