Alan Wake Is Coming Home


It’s now official: Alan Wake is coming to the PC.

What was rumor yesterday is official today: Remedy is bringing Alan Wake to the PC. It may be old hat for the Xbox 360 crowd but its long and convoluted development history and eventual move from the PC to 360-exclusivity gives this long-awaited arrival a little added significance.

Alan Wake has been around since May 2010 for the 360 so the story should be familiar enough by now. Best-selling author Alan Wake goes on vacation with his wife to clear his writer’s block but ends up trapped in a nightmare: his wife has disappeared and pages to a manuscript he can’t remember writing keep turning up and coming true.

Remedy wasn’t terribly forthcoming with details [and how much more there is to say about a game that’s been kicking around for almost two years is a valid question] but the PC version of Alan Wake will include both DLC releases, The Signal and The Writer, and will come out sometime in early 2012, right around the same time that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare hits the Xbox Live Arcade.

And after all this time, what’s the feeling about this among the ranks of Clan PC? I’m kind of a Remedy fanboy so I’m pretty excited [and I also won a long-standing bet about it, so booyah for that], but is Alan Wake too far past its prime to matter? Is there a reasonable hope that a change to a new platform will translate into a better experience? And perhaps most important of all, are we happy to finally get a crack at it, or are we too annoyed that it took this long to care?

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