Albert Wesker Playable in Special Resident Evil 0 Remake Mode


Physical release also announced.

Capcom has revealed a new mode in the upcoming HD remake of Resident Evil 0 which allows players to take control of central villain Albert Wesker. A trailer announcing the feature has been released.

In the trailer, it’s shown that Wesker will have access to some special abilities, able to dash quickly through environments and destroy zombies with his flashing eyes. Rebecca Chambers remains as a partner character in the mode, with Wesker replacing Billy Coen. The two characters will also have special, themed costumes for the mode.

Along with the new addition, Capcom has announced a physical release for the remake of Resident Evil 0. The disc will also include a copy of the Resident Evil remake released earlier this year. The package will be released on January 19 in North America.

The digital version of Resident Evil 0 has yet to be specifically dated for release, with Capcom sticking to an early 2016 window to release it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Capcom

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