The launch trailer shows the various ways in which things can explode in new shooter.

Announced amid the wail of guitars and the flash of neon blood, Alien Rage makes no mistake about what it is: a pretty shooter with flashy particle effects and lots of personal violence. Developed and published by CI Games, it aims to be an “intense old-school styled shooter experience”, as the long trailer explosively demonstrates.

Alien Rage‘s (likely minimal) story involves a resource-rich asteroid. When multiple parties come in conflict over it, they resort to reasoned diplomacy. Just kidding, they shoot the crap out of each other, apparently blowing up half the asteroid in the process. Players will blast their way through 14 different levels using any of the 10 unique weapons. To assist your xenophobic rampage, each weapon has two firing modes, adding a bit more strategic variety to the usual “which part of the body do I shoot” gameplay. Also, destructible environments appear to be fairly important, as the trailer shows multiple bridges collapsing under the mighty power of the player’s bullets.

Alien Rage releases on September 24th via Steam, with Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network versions following.

Source: CI Games

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