Aliens: Colonial Marines Mistakes You For a Man


The Aliens: Colonial Marines preorder video invites you to “follow in the footsteps of legends.”

On one hand, most of us have done this before. On the other hand, gearing up in state-of-the-badass-art and going on a bug hunt in the sort of thing that never really gets tired. Thus we have Aliens: Colonial Marines, which quite clearly isn’t going to forge any new frontiers but will probably be pretty cool anyway.

And if you preorder, as this new video shows, you’ll be able to play online as the baddest of the badasses: Hicks, Hudson, Drake and Apone, four of the lean, mean, Colonial Marines who got chewed up and spat out at LV-426. Apone and Drake look a little off, at least in the very brief flash in which they’re seen, but Hicks and Hudson are just about dead-on.

The obvious question is, where are the rest of the badasses? Drake was a cool dude, but where’s Vasquez? What about Dietrich and Ferro? And if you’re offering us “legends,” how can you possibly leave out Ripley? The preorder bonus also includes Ripley’s flamethrower, but that’s Hicks waving it around! Gearbox faced an uproar over the absence of female characters in Colonial Marines, which was particularly odd given the central role women played in Aliens, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said earlier this month that female marines will in fact be playable online.

So where’s Vasquez, Randy?

Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out on February 12, 2013, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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