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Aliens: Fireteam, the recently announced three-player co-op (or single-player with bots) shooter from Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century Games, just got 25 minutes of gameplay and new details. The information was shared during an interview with IGN, where Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich and COO Matt Highison explained the horrors that await when the game launches this summer.

The new gameplay sees three Colonial Marines exploring a Xenomorph-infested orbital refinery, searching for the source of a distress call. Cold Iron gave each of the five player classes a unique role to play when venturing through Aliens: Fireteam’s missions. The classes — Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, and Recon — can all equip two weapons and have their own skills to take advantage of. The Demolisher, for example, focuses on quickly clearing out hordes of enemies with heavy weapons, such as a grenade launcher, smart gun, and flamethrower, as well as abilities like micro-rockets. Every class has two cooldown abilities, perks, and different ways to customize and advance your gameplay.

The gameplay also puts Aliens: Fireteam’s more than 20 enemy types on display. Cold Iron says every difficulty mode in the game presents unique challenges. Where the default mode means you won’t have to manage resources or worry about friendly fire, higher difficulties turn friendly fire on and encourage you to pay close attention to your inventory. However, you can level up through an in-game progression system.

Across its four campaigns, Aliens: Fireteam has a total of 12 missions. If you’re worried about variety, Cold Iron says it has created encounters throughout the game that aim to keep players on their toes, and hidden areas you might have missed before will certainly present new offerings on repeat playthroughs. Challenge Cards are here as well, giving players the option to play through mutated missions for special rewards. One example of a Challenge Card will see players only able to damage enemies with headshots. As for music variety, the soundtrack is created by Journey and The Pathless composer Austin Wintory.

Aliens: Fireteam launches summer 2021 for Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.


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