Here is a list of all of the animal rewards and resources in Fire Emblem Engage, which you can obtain with sufficient leveling and prep.

While some games do the bare minimum of letting you pet the dog, Fire Emblem Engage has gone above and beyond in bringing feathered, four-legged, and other furry friends into the gameplay with the ability to adopt animals. However, not only is interacting with the many adorable animals in the game a great boost for your emotional wellbeing and mental health, but all the animals in Fire Emblem Engage help you get much needed resources and rewards to help on the battlefield and at your home base of operations, the Somniel. Let’s take a look at them.

A List of All the Animal Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

First, it’s important to know how to adopt animals. After any battle, you can walk around the locations looking for lost dogs, cats, sheep, falcons, and more who are simply waiting to be taken to a good home. Certain animals will need increased levels or specific provisions back at the Somniel before they are able to be recruited. But once you are properly leveled up and have the necessary barns, coops, and other animal storage units, these are all the animals you can adopt, as well as the rewards you can get from them:

  • Aura Eagle: Beef, chicken, mutton, and pork
  • Black Elyosian Dog: Iron, steel, or silver ingots
  • Brodian Cat: Herring
  • Calisson Chicken: Eggs
  • Eastern Freecat: Salmon
  • Elusian Cat: Cod
  • Elyosian Dog: Iron, steel, or silver ingots
  • Elyosian Pigeon: Nuts
  • Elyosian Seagull: Nuts
  • Elyosian Sheep: Milk
  • Firenese Cat: Carp
  • Hop Rabbit: Berries
  • Iris Owl: Berries and tomato
  • Mere Donkey: Rare vegetables
  • Northern Freecat: Cod
  • Panna Camel: Beans, spices, rice, or wheat flour
  • Rutile Marmot: Rare fruitSolmic Cat: Eel
  • Southern Freecat: Salmon
  • Tartu Flamingo: Rare fish
  • Vervian Deer: Rare vegetables
  • Western Freecat: Sardines
  • White Elyosian Dog: Iron, steel, or silver ingots
  • White Hop Rabbit: Berries

By the time you’ve recruited all these animals to your camp, the Somniel might be looking a bit more like Noah’s arc. But you will be reaping some amazing resources in addition to enjoying some sweet critter companionship by the end of your playthrough of Fire Emblem Engage, with all these animal rewards.

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