Melinoë and Hecate, one of the bosses in Hades 2

All Bosses in Hades 2

Death to Chronos!

With a rough task to complete, Melinoë has to overcome various bosses in Hades II, who act as Guardians to her harsh task. She’s more than capable of dealing with them, but not without putting some arduous work and effort first.

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All Bosses in Hades 2

As of its first Early Access version, Hades II has 6 available bosses. Four of them are found in the Underworld, while the other two belong to the Surface, unlocked only after completing a few tasks. You always meet them in a given run. They use the same attacks every time, with small variances in how often they use them. If that’s not obvious by now, there are spoilers ahead.

All Underworld Bosses in Hades 2

The regular, first bosses you’ll meet during your runs. Get used to fighting them a lot, as you’ll need it before heading straight to the surface.

Headmistress Hecate

The powerful witch Hecate has helped Melinoë with her training, but must first test her to see if she’s ready to deal with the terrors of the Underworld. With her many hexes, fire attacks and sneak hits, she can give you some trouble if you’re not aware of her moves.

Scylla and the Sirens

No one was ready for a Siren band in this game, but we’re glad that happened. Scylla and her fellow band members Jetty and Roxy share a health bar but have different attacks they unleash all at once against you. They’re the second big encounter you’ll have, and are a big step-up from the previous fight.

Infernal Beast

Cerberus has been corrupted into a violent, mindless beast, and you have to help him get back to his senses. Different from the first game, the fight’s not a fake-out this time, and while Cerberus is slow, his smashes and fire pulses can melt you down quickly if you’re not actively dodging them.

Chronos, Titan of Time

The main culprit for the whole situation, Chronos is the hardest boss in the game by far. With two phases, various minions and powerful combos that hit you for 30+ in each hit, the Titan of Time can even stop you from pausing the game. Or at least until you find a way to stop him from doing so.

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All Surface Bosses in Hades 2

Once you head to the next explorable area, you’ll have lots of new possibilities in rooms, boons and, of course, boss fights.

The Cyclops Polyphemus

Polyphemus meets you as the first encounter in the City of Ephyra. He attacks with his powerful stomps, minions and even sending his sheep to attack you. Sometimes he even eats them to recover some heath, but this leaves the already-slow giant exposed to even more hits from the swift Princess of the Underworld.

Eris, Strife Incarnate

If cursing you when going through new areas or littering the Crossroads wasn’t enough, Eris tries to stop you on your tracks to Olympus. She has the Adamant Rail with her own aspect, meaning that she can boost her own strength by shooting herself once. And get ready, as she’ll do this a lot more than expected.

More bosses should be added in further updates. As of now, no secret bosses are included, but you can probably expect to see one or two included sometime later in development.

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