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All Cosmetics for TF2 Summer Update 2023

All Cosmetics for TF2 Summer Update 2023 Team Fortress 2

The latest patch for Team Fortress 2 is here, adding several new user-created maps and a host of fixes and tweaks. But it also adds a range of new items including taunts and more. Don’t worry, as TF2 hasn’t suddenly gone play-to-win; they’re all cosmetic. If you’re wondering what new items are available for purchase in Team Fortress 2, here are all of the cosmetics for the TF2 Summer Update 2023.

All the New Cosmetics in Team Fortress 2 (TF2) for Summer Update 2023

You can purchase these TF2 cosmetic items through the in-game Mann Co. store or through Steam’s Team Fortress 2 Community Market. And yes, I do mean purchase — these aren’t free. They’re not super expensive individually, but be careful that you don’t get carried away.

All Cosmetics for TF2 Summer Update 2023 Team Fortress 2

Here’s what’s on offer:

The Summer 2023 Cosmetic Case (contains 25 new community-contributed items):

  • Cranium Cooler
  • Full Metal Helmet
  • The Glorious Gambeson
  • The Flame Warrior
  • Über-Wear
  • Cranium Cover
  • Brother Mann
  • Cleaner’s Cap
  • The Shrapnel Shell
  • Hog Heels
  • Close Quarters Cover
  • The Soho Sleuth
  • Hazard Handler
  • Preventative Measure
  • Prohibition Opposition
  • Brothers in Blues
  • The Firestalker
  • The Bushman
  • Medical Emergency
  • Brimmed Bootlegger
  • Heavy Metal
  • The Blast Bowl
  • Cargo Constructor
  • Le Professionnel
  • Stealth Bomber

6 new community-contributed taunts:

  • Taunt: Killer Joke
  • Taunt: Star-Spangled Strategy
  • Taunt: The Head Doctor
  • Taunt: Tuefort Tango
  • Taunt: The Road Rager
  • Taunt: The Killer Signature

Summer 2023 War Paint Case (Contains 10 new community-created War Paints)

  • Sky Stallion War Paint
  • Deadly Dragon War Paint
  • Business Class War Paint
  • Steel Brushed War Paint
  • Warborn War Paint
  • Mechanized Monster War Paint
  • Bomb Carrier War Paint
  • Team Serviced War Paint
  • Pacific Peacemaker War Paint
  • Secretly Serviced War Paint

Unusual Effects: 

  • 12 new effects for Unusual hats
  • 8 new effects for Unusual taunts

So if you wanted to know all the cosmetics added with the TF2 Summer Update 2003, there’s your answer.

All Cosmetics for TF2 Summer Update 2023 Team Fortress 2 All Cosmetics for TF2 Summer Update 2023 Team Fortress 2

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