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All Fallout New Vegas Console Commands & Cheats, Listed

Fallout New Vegas can be a pretty overwhelming game with a ton of things to do. The good news is that you can always make things a little easier on yourself if you want to. Here’s a full list of console commands and cheats available in Fallout New Vegas.

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All Console Commands and Cheats in Fallout New Vegas

There are a whole ton of console commands you can make use of in New Vegas. You can manipulate quest progress, item generation, and even faction standings. We’ve listed all the commands and their effects down below.

Console CommandEffect
addreputation [form id] [variable] [amount]Adds player reputation with faction; the value will max out at its normal maximum value of 100. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the player’s fame or infamy with the faction.
removereputation [form id] [variable] [amount]Removes player reputation with faction.
setreputation [form id] [variable] [amount]Sets player reputation with faction.
removefromallfactionsRemoves the player from all factions.
setally [form id] [form id 2] [variable 1] [variable 2]Allies two factions together.
setenemy [form id] [form id 2] [variable 1] [variable 2]Causes two factions to become enemies with each other.
resetquest [quest id]Removes quest from quest log.
movetoqtMoves player to current quest target.
showquestlogShows the quest log.
getquestcompletedChecks if current quest is completed.
sqtBrings up a list of current quest targets.
completequest [quest id]Completes the specified quest.
caqsCompletes all quests in the game.
setstage [quest id] [quest stage number]Moves the quest to the indicated quest stage.
setobjectivedisplayed [quest id] [quest stage number] [1/0]Sets which objective is displayed, in progress, in your quest log.
player.setweaponhealthperc [percentage]Sets weapon health to the specified value.
player.additem [form id] [amount]Generates the specified amount of the item.
player.removeitem [form id] [amount]Removes the specified amount of the item.
player.addnote [form id]Add indicated note.
player.removenote [form id]Remove the indicated note.
player.additemhealthpercent [form id] [amount] [quality]Generates the specified item with the specified condition.
setownership [form id]Make an item owned by the specified target.
clearownershipMake the item unowned.
unlockUnlocks doors, safes, terminals, and locked containers.
lock [lock level]Locks doors, safes, terminals, and unlocked containers, and sets the difficulty of the lock.
activate [form id]Activates doors, switches, radios, and other items that can be turned on or off.
player.srmSelf-repairs items up to your current repair skill.
setpccanusepowerarmor 1Makes power armor wearable.
player.showinventoryShows inventory and all item ids.
resetinventory.Resets inventory of the targeted container.
rewardkarma [number]Receives the specified amount of karma.
player.setscale [scale]Sets the scale and size of the player.
player.getavGet the current value of skills, SPECIAL, or karma amount.
player.modav [actor value] [value]Add or subtract from skills or SPECIAL amount.
player.restoreav [actor value] [value]Increases the stat by a specified value.
player.damageav [actor value] [value]Reduces the stat by a specified value.
player.forceav [actor value] [value]Sets value of skill or SPECIAL to a specified value.
player.advlevelIncreases player level by one.
player.rewardxp 15000Receive 15,000 experience.
showracemenuAllows race editing.
showbarbermenuAllows hair editing.
shownamemenuAllows you to rename your character.
showplasticsurgeonmenuAllows face editing.
showsleepwaitmenu 1Opens the sleep/wait menu.
player.showrecipemenu [category]Opens the crafting menu from the specified category.
player.addperk [form id]Gives your character the selected perk or trait.
player.removeperk [form id]Removes the selected perk or trait.
sexchangeChanges the gender of your character.
player.setspeedmult [number]Changes your movement speed.
showtraitmenuLets you reselect traits.
player.setlevel [number]Sets your level to the specified number.
player.resethealthRestore NPC’s health.
player.agerace [number]Ages your character accordingly.
player.sethardcore [number]Activates or disables hardcore mode.
addperk [form id]Adds selected perk to an NPC.
resurrectRevives an NPC.
killKills selected NPC.
killallKills all NPCs in the area.
tdetectToggles AI player detection.
rdfResets dialogue trees for all NPCs.
player.placeatme [form id] [1/0]Spawns creature or NPC at your location.
addtofaction [faction id] [1/0]Makes an NPC part of a faction.
removefromfaction [faction id]Removes NPC from a faction.
tcaiToggles all NPC combat AI.
taiToggles all or selected NPC AI.
openteammatecontainer 1Opens an NPC’s inventory.
setav aggression 0Disables NPC’s hostility.
setrestrained 1Causes an NPC to stand in place.
playidle [editor id]Plays an idle.
pushactorawayCauses an NPC to go into ragdoll mode.
setscale [number]Sets scale and size of an NPC.
agerace [number]Sets the age of an NPC.
matchrace [form id]Changes the selected NPC’s race to another.
getbaseobjectPrints a reference’s editor id.
tfcToggles free camera mode.
fovSets field of view to the maximum value.
sgtm [number]Sets global time speed.
sucsm [number]Sets UFO camera movement.
tlbToggles Light Brite mode, which disables lighting and shadowing.
tclActivates no clipping mode.
tdtToggles debug display.
tlvToggles leaves.
tgToggles grass.
tpToggles view of projectiles and spawns.
tfowToggles fog of war.
tgmToggles God Mode.
tdmToggles Demigod Mode.
enableplayercontrolsEnables player controls.
disableRemoves selected object from the game.
enableRestores previously disabled objects.
markfordeleteMarks and object for deletion.
zapDeletes an object from the game.
coc [cell name]Teleports you to town or area.
tcgToggles collision geometry visibility.
twfToggles wireframe.
tmToggles HUD.
tvlToggles VATS lights.

How to Use Console Commands in Fallout New Vegas

Just in case you’ve never used console commands or cheats before, let’s quickly go over how to use them. Just like in Fallout 4, all you have to do is hit the ~ key on PC, type in the console command, then hit Enter to confirm it. You cannot do this with a gamepad, which means that cheats are not available in the console versions of the game.

And those are all of the available console commands and cheats in Fallout New Vegas.

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