Hades 2 All Gods

All Gods in Hades 2 (So Far)

In the name of Hades!

The Early Access for Hades 2 is finally out, and everyone is gushing over the new and returning deities from the sequel to the popular god-like roguelike. Here are all the revealed gods in Hades 2 so far.

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All Gods in Hades 2, Listed

Alongside some of the good and old faces we’ve come to love in the first game, many new Greek deities are showing up for the first time to help Melinoë slay Chronos. From direct assistance with Boons and upgrades to moral support from the Crossroads, the characters included here are a treat for mythology lovers.

All New Gods in Hades 2

From the many divine entities in the sacred realm of Olympius, these were the ones who decided to give a helping hand to the Princess of the Underworld.


Hades 2 Apollo
Image via Supergiant Games

The God of Light (also referred to as God of Sun occasionally) and brother to Artemis, Apolo is the very first God that Melinoë encounters in her journey. His Boons inflict Daze on enemies, blinding them with his splendor and stopping them from hitting their targets.


The Goddess of Flame herself. Being one of the original Gods who defied the Titans and slayed them originally, she resumes her role once more in the war against Chronos with her Scorch-inflicting boons.


Hades 2 Hephaestus
Image via Supergiant Games

Originally described as being unattractive, that’s not the case with the game’s version of the God of the Forge. His Boons give an extra delayed hit to attacks, making weapons twice as deadly for the wretches of the underworld.


Zeus’ wife, sister to Demeter and Goddess of Marriage, the Queen of the Olympians makes her first direct appearance in the game with her Hitch Boons, which link enemies together to damage all of them at once.


Hades 2 Selene
Image via Supergiant Games

Moon Incarnate descents from the night to bring her aid to her little star with her lunar blessings. Her main gimmick is Lunar Blessings, which can grant powerful nukes or even the Morph effect to Melinoë, giving her various advantages in battle.

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All Returning Gods in Hades 2

While not all gods that helped Zagreus escape the underworld are back, we have many familiar faces here, with similar (or slightly different) boons to offer.


Hades 2 Aphrodite
Image via Supergiant Games

The Goddess of Love is back and more beautiful than ever. With her teasing remarks and genuine affection, Aphrodite’s Boons are notable for their high base power and for applying Weak to enemies, which reduces the damage they deal.


Hades 2 Artemis
Image via Supergiant Games

Always aiming for the kill, the Goddess of Hunt returns in the sequel in a much more amicable mood with Melinoë. She retains her Critical-based Boons, which increase the chance and damage to deal stronger hits that are sure to leave a mark.


Primordial Chaos is back with a less nightmare-inducing look, but with the same imposing, all-mighty, eternal aura surrounding them. They give Melinoe some of the most powerful Boons in the game at harsh costs, such as losing HP and imposing battle restrictions upon her during a few encounters.


Hades 2 Demeter
Image via Supergiant Games

The ever-chilling Goddess of Seasons, Demeter helps her granddaughter Melinoë from the get-go with her Freeze Boons, an upgraded version from the first game that now completely stops enemies in place once applied.


The namesake God of the Dead is back in the title, unfortunately now imprisoned deep in Tartarus. Melinoë might run into him by chance when diving down to kill the Titan of Time, when he can bless her with a final boost to help her task.


Hermes rushes straight to the sequel, true to his God of Swiftness title. Working as a spy for the Olympus and delivering vital messages to Melinoë and the resistance in The Crossroads, he finds some time to bless the Princess of the Underworld with some of his speed-related Boons.


Hades 2 Poseidon
Image via Supergiant Games

The coolest uncle ever is back as the God of the Sea rushes to aid his niece in a time of peril. With the Slip effect added to his Boons, Melinoë can bounce her foes back to the walls while making them more vulnerable to damage.


Hades 2 Zeus
Image via Supergiant Games

The King of Olympians makes an electrifying comeback in the sequel. With his traditional lightning-based Boons and imposing, ever-prideful attitude, he’s more than eager to help Melinoë with her daunting task.

Other Gods in Hades 2

These Gods are also present in the game and won’t give you any Boons but are still vital to the plot and will probably aid you (or try to stop you) during your almost-eternal task of slaying Chronos.


Strife Incarnate makes her debut in the series, now in possession of the familiar Adamant Rail. She constantly tries to stop Melinoë from completing her task as things are much better for her now than they were before.


Hades 2 Hypnos
Image via Supergiant Games

Sleep Incarnate lives up to his name in the sequel, as he’s constantly seen sleeping, of all things. Waking Hypnos up is probably one of the game’s main tasks in the future.


Hades 2 Moros
Image via Supergiant Games

Doom Incarnate is another of the many children of Nyx. And just like his Mother once did, he seems to be inclined to maintain order in the Underworld by helping the youngest of Hades’ descendants, although not directly through battle.


Hades 2 Nemesis
Image via Supergiant Games

Another daughter of Nyx, Nemesis is Retribution Incarnate and dwells on the Crossroads, seeking to eradicate Chronos by herself.

More Gods could be making appearances in Hades 2 in the future, as we’ve only seen a part of the whole deal. The game is still on its Early Access, after all, so a lot could be introduced and changed. But I wouldn’t worry about the future, as what we’ve seen up until here is nothing short of incredible.

The above article was updated on 5/14/2024 by the original author to add additional information about Hades 2’s Gods.

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