KV Boradside JAK Jawbreaker Conversion Kit

All New Aftermarket Parts in MW3 & Warzone Season 3

New Aftermarket Parts are one of the best new additions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Nearly every week, Sledgehammer Games adds new AMPs which reinvent existing weapons. Thankfully, more are on the way. The Call of Duty Blog confirmed there will be eight coming throughout Season 3, with seven being unlocked through Weekly Challenges.

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JAK Atlas

AMR9 SMG from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Aptly named after the Altas Corporation from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, the JAK Atlas Aftermarket Part converts the AMR9 into its variant from that game (pictured above). Unlike the 9mm SMG in MW3, the AMR9 in Advanced Warfare fired Rifle Caliber 556 rounds in 5 round bursts. To the delight of fans who are fond of that underrated title, The JAK Atlas conversion kit will do just that, turning the dominant SMG into a unique carbine.

JAK Cutthroat

The JAK Cutthroat Stock sacrifices some accuracy for exceptional mobility. Available on the AMR9, MCW, MTZ-556 and M4, this Aftermarket Part allows for fast strafing while aiming down sights. Paired with the right attachments, the JAK Cutthroat allows players to move incredibly fast while keeping their aim fairly stable. While it may not be as unique or interesting as a full-on conversion kit, this is a valuable attachment that fits in great with the current META. For aggressive players, this is a must have on any weapons where it is available.

JAK Jawbreaker

JAK Jawbreaker in Call of Duty MW3

Similar to the previous entry, the JAK Jawbreaker does what Aftermarket Parts do best; reinvent a weapon. Available on the KV Broadside Shotgun, this Conversion Kit turns the MWII weapon into a fully automatic Battle Rifle. As a result, this close range monster becomes an effective mid-range Rifle. The biggest downside to this Conversion Kit is the lack of customization. Since it changes the shotgun’s barrel, ammunition type and magazine, players cannot edit those attachment slots in gunsmith when using the JAK Jawbreaker.

JAK Patriot

M16 Custom in Call of Duty MW3

The JAK Patriot Aftermarket Part will become iconic among fans. This Conversion Kit will turn the M16 from burst fire to fully automatic. An automatic M16 has been at the top of Call of Duty fans’ wishlists for years. While they’ve been present in previous campaigns and a few iterations of the Zombies mode, Multiplayer and Warzone fans can finally add this weapon to their arsenals. The AMP sports a heavy barrel which helps the weapons recoil control and firing stability.

This is the Conversion I’m most excited to use in Season 3 and beyond. From what we’ve heard, it sounds like it’ll be viable in Warzone and remind Call of Duty fans of previous Cold War Era titles like the original Black Ops.

JAK Revenger

Jak Revenger Kit MW3

The JAK Revenger Aftermarket Part is a Conversion Kit for the BP50 Assault Rifle. One of the reasons this gun is so popular is its mobility. Because of this, the BP50 is a great platform to fill an SMG role. It’s already been described as a “CQC legend”, boasting a more mobile figure housing an extended mag of 9mm ammo. I expect to see the JAK Revenger in use quite often in Small Map Mosh Pit and Rebirth Island.

JAK Shadow Titan

Bruen MK 9 Aftermarket Part in Call of Duty MW3

This Aftermarket Part makes a major change to the Bruen MK9 LMG. By default, the Bruen is a loud-and-proud belt fed LMG that shoots 556 ammo. This Conversion Kit changes many aspects of the weapon to make it a stealthy support option. The Belt-Fed Magazine is replaced with a more standard 60-round mag that is much faster to reload. This magazine now houses 300 blackout rounds, which pairs with an integrated suppressor to keep players off the mini-map when firing. This is a great option for players who like to sneak around in Warzone.

Photonic Charge Barrel

MORS Photonic Barrel Aftermarket Part

This Aftermarket Part for the MORS changes the weapon into a sci-fi-inspired Railgun which shoots an energy projectile. This is definitely the least grounded attachment in Modern Warfare 3 right now. However, it is shockingly viable.

Holding down the trigger charges up the projectile to increase damage and velocity. As a result, a fully charged round is devastating and can even get one-hit kills on fully armored enemies in Warzone. For an added benefit, this barrel is shorter than the default and gives a 9% increase to ADS speed.

JAK Wardens

Warden Akimbo MW3

Last but certainly not least are the Wardens. Long-time Call of Duty fans will notice they bear a striking resemblance to the Akimbo Model 1887s from Modern Warfare 2 (2009), which were pre-patch the most overpowered weapon in COD history. This Conversion Kit turns the wild-west-worthy Lockwood Mk 2 Marksman Rifle into a pair of antique shotguns. After 15 years since their debut, I’m so excited for these iconic weapons to be back in Call of Duty.

So far in Modern Warfare 3, Aftermarket Parts have been my favorite new feature. It’s been such a blast to check in with the game and community every Wednesday to complete challenges and make existing guns feel new again. Thankfully, Season 3’s new Aftermarket Parts are continuing the trend with an exciting arsenal of Conversion Kits and Attachments.

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