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All New Content in Honkai: Star Rail Patch 1.2

All New Content in Honkai: Star Rail Patch 1.2

HoYoverse has dropped a new 1.2 patch update for Honkai: Star Rail, finally giving us more main story content, as well as some nice events and a new top-tier 5-star character to pull for. There’s a lot to look through—but don’t worry, we’ll summarize everything that you need to know about patch 1.2!

New Events

Tales of the Fantastic

This event will have a string of limited time rewards, with more parts opening up day by day. You’ll be doing a series of adventure missions for Mr Xiyan, and each will reward some Stellar Jade and leveling materials. There are also various scenes to unlock and participate in. These will have a points system where the higher the score you get, the more rewards tiers you’ll complete for sweet Stellar Jade and useful materials.

Gift of Odyssey

All of us lucky Trailblazers get another full round of free log-in reward Special Rail Passes to claim each day from this event. Just navigate to the in-game events page and claim your tickets each day for a total of 10 once you’ve completed the seven claims. Don’t worry about claiming these on consecutive days, though. You only need to log in and claim them seven times across the 38 days that remain of the event.

All New Content in Honkai: Star Rail Patch 1.2 - Image of the Gift of Odyssey daily log-in punchcard.

New Aptitude Showcase

As with each new character banner, you’ll now be able to complete a new Aptitude Showcase event featuring Blade (the latest 5-star addition to the game) alongside Arlan, Natasha, and Sushang. Blade will reward some Stellar Jade and some leveling materials, while the 4-stars will only net leveling materials.

Free Yukong 4-Star Character Event

On the events page, you will now be able to claim a free copy of the 4-star buffing character Yukong for free, provided you meet the requirements. You’ll need to complete the Trailblaze missions ‘A Dragon Gallant’ and ‘Its Ocean Distant’ as well as clearing Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Stage 1. After those are done, you can claim your free Yukong!

New Missions

Main Story Continues

We have an expansion of the main story now available to play through (assuming you’re up to date with the story until this patch). The story is epic, full of amazing visuals, cutscenes, flashy characters, and new locations. It’s well worth playing through to gain access to the new areas, which contain more places to farm new Ascension and Talent materials as well as Relics. There is also a new weekly boss fight for the high-tier Ascension materials that you’ll be able to engage with once you complete the new story content.

New Companion Missions

You’ll also gain access to a new companion mission called ‘For I Have Touched the Sky’. You can navigate to its location by starting it from the events menu, but it won’t be in your quest list by default. You’ll be rewarded with 100 Stellar Jade and some other useful leveling materials for completing this mission.

New Additional Content

Stellar Warp Character Trials

If you head to the Regular Warp banner, you’ll now be able to complete character trials for all of the 5-star characters that can be pulled on this base banner. Each of them rewards 20 Stellar Jade, plus a small assortment of leveling materials.

New Nameless Honor

The Nameless Honor (which is the battle pass system in Honkai: Star Rail) has been reset and can now be leveled up for a fresh set of rewards over the next 38 days.

New Simulated Universe World

Simulated Universe also receives an update. The 7th world features Xianzhou Luofu enemies and the powerful Abundant Ebon Deer as the final boss fight. You’ll receive 120 Stellar Jade for difficulty 1 completion, as well as a copy of Herta and 2 Herta Bonds to spend in Herta’s Store. This world also contains two brand new and very good Simulated Universe Relic sets to earn as rewards. The first time completion of higher tiers of this new world will net you 60 Stellar Jade each and some of the new Relics.


New Forgotten Hall Memory

You now have a new Forgotten Hall Memory series that you can battle through and earn stars in based around the Xianzhou Luofu. This Forgotten Hall Memory called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger’ will net you a chunky 200 Stellar Jade and some nice leveling materials per 3 stars obtained by meeting the battle requirements. There are a total of six stages complete, so you’ll be able to earn 1200 Stellar Jade, plus plenty of other materials.

Limited Warp Banners

You can now spend your hard-earned Special Rail Passes on pulling for 5-star Destruction badass Blade, who is currently the strongest AOE damage dealer in all of Honkai: Star Rail. You’ll also be able to pull for Blade’s new signature Light Cone, The Unreachable Side.

All New Content in Honkai: Star Rail Patch 1.2 - Image of the Limited Warp Banner featuring Blade.

New Code to Redeem

Here are the currently active codes, including a brand new code that you can redeem either in-game or via the Honkai: Star Rail website for some extra Stellar Jade rewards. Note the top three are on-going active codes, while the last one is new, offering a 50 Stellar Jade reward.

  • BTN5EL69P6K3

That covers all the new content and additions to Honkai: Star Rail with the release of patch 1.2. There is plenty to get stuck into and lots of fresh rewards to hunt, as well as tons of Stellar Jade that you can use to purchase Passes to pull for Blade or one of the other upcoming 5-star characters! And if you’re looking for character builds or team comps to blast your way through all of this new content, make sure to take a look through our extensive selection of guides

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