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All Playable Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Playable Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

After the awesome Super Mario Bros. movie I’m still singing “Peaches”in my head and more excited than ever for new Super Mario games. Luckily, we have an excellent new 2D side scrolling adventure to look forward to in October. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first new 2D side scrolling game in the series in 10 years. I’m sure players new and old to the series will be eager to get their hands on this new title. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, we’ll have a multitude of characters to choose from so you won’t have to stick with just Mario. Lets take a look at the list of playable characters we’ll be able to choose from in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

All Characters Playable in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

  • Mario – Wouldn’t be a Super Mario game without the main man himself. It looks like he’ll be able to take on some cool new forms with powerups. I’m personally very excited to play as Elephant Mario.
  • Luigi – Where you can find Mario, most of the time his brother Luigi isn’t far behind.
  • Princess Peach – Peaches, Peaches, Peaches Peaches Peaches! Princess Peach will be playable and able to adventure herself rather than needing to be rescued this time.
  • Princess Daisy – Princes Daisy doesn’t often get much game time. It’s nice to see her being used outside the sport focused titles she usually frequents.
  • Toad – Who doesn’t love Toad. This brave little adventurer will be getting put into action this time around.
  • Toadette – Toadette is another nice surprise. Having featured in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, no doubt there will be many new fans of the character excited to try her out here.
  • Nabbit – I was not expecting Nabbit to be an option in this line up. We haven’t seen the character since Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.  Nabbit will be at the top of my list to use in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
  • Yoshi – Yoshi is always a favorite and has some unique characteristics in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Yoshi be the easiest character to play, acting like an easy mode in the game. He won’t take damage except from falling off the map. Yoshi will also be available in a variety of colors and other players characters will be able to jump on Yoshi to ride on his back.

That covers the playable characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I’ll be looking forward to trying out some of these awesome characters in all their 2D glory when Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches in October.

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