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Yoshi & Nabbit Are Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Easy Mode

Yoshi Nabbit Are Super Mario Bros. Wonder Easy Mode Nintendo Switch Direct

Nintendo just wrapped up its Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, and it revealed some interesting information about how Yoshi and Nabbit work. The 15-minute showcase gave us lots of information about the new platformers power-ups, story, enemies, and playable characters, such as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Yoshi, and Nabbit. Much of the footage showed some pretty difficult areas, especially when players are faced with unfamiliar enemies. Thankfully, Nintendo has a solution for those looking for a slightly more laid-back experience.

Series regular Yoshi, as well as Nabbit, who first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. U, will both be playable characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but they offer more than a new look for players to enjoy. Playing as these two will make the journey a bit easier, with both characters able to withstand damage from enemies. That means, if a particular enemy is giving you trouble when playing as Mario, Yoshi and Nabbit should be able to make it through them with little issue.

Yoshi and Nabbit aren’t completely invincible, however, as both can still lose a life if they fall into a pit. Yoshi does have his trademark flutter ability to help with long gaps and can also still use his tongue to grab enemies from afar. However, it’s unclear if Nabbit will have a unique feature like this. While we wait for Super Mario Bros. Wonder to come to Nintendo Switch on October 20, you can see the entire Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct below. For a better look at how Yoshi and Nabbit work, you can skip to 33:58.

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