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If you’re tired of playing the same old boring Skyrim but aren’t in the mood to look out for new mods, messing around with the console commands might be one of your best alternatives. Here’s a list of all special commands available in the game.

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All Skyrim Console Commands, Listed

You can use Skyrim console commands on PC versions by pressing the grave key (‘) on your keyboard. Enter your desired command and hit Enter to instantly receive an item, enable or disable features, or be teleported to far-away places. Note that for using certain commands, you’ll need a list of IDs for items, NPCs and more.

Some game editions might display the “using certain commands disables earning achievements” message, but this is only partially true. Further testing has shown that using commands directly won’t necessarily stop you from earning achievements. But you could technically lock yourself out of an achievement by skipping a quest or something, so be careful! Mods will inevitably disable achievements though, and there’s no console command to fix that.

All Skyrim General Console Commands

Those commands have various purposes, such as displaying information on items, marking NPCs as references, or modifying values like in-game time.

All Skyrim Movement Console Commands

Use these to freely move around the map.

Command InputEffect
coc <CellID>Teleports you to the designed Center on Cell
cow Tamriel <X> <Y>Teleports you to the selected coordinates.
player.moveto <NPCrefID>Teleports to an NPC. Takes you to the Dead Body Cleanup Cell if NPC is dead.

All Skyrim Player Command Console Commands

These commands can give new perks or abilities to your character or even change it completely.

Command InputEffect
player.additem <ItemID> <#>Adds an item to your inventory in any given amount.
player.addperk <PerkID>Adds a perk to your character.
Addshout <ShoutdID>Adds a shout to your skill list.
player.addspell <variable>Adds a spell, disease or power.
player.addlevelLevels up once.
AdvSkill <AV> <#>Get as many skill usage points as you want.
animcamFreecam mode.
player.drop <ItemID> <#>Drops an specific item.
enableplayercontrolsLets you move during cutscenes.
player.forceav <AV> <#>Overrides the usual calculations for items and spell bonuses.
player.forceav dragonsouls #Gives you as many Dragon Souls as you want.
fov <#>Adjust field of view levels.
IncPCS <AVskill>Increases a specific Skill point by one.
player.modav <AV> <+/-#>Modifies your current Actor Value.
player.movetoMoves player to the NPC marked with Prid <refID>
player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID>Clears your bounty with a faction. X = 1 removes stolen items, while 0 keeps them. Y = 1 sends you to jail while 0 lets you get out for free.
player.placeatme <Item/NPCID> <#> Places the determined item/NPC in front of the player.
playerEnchantObject <ItemID> <mgef> <mgef>Gives you objects with up to two magical effects.
psbUnlocks all Spells and Shouts (including testing ones).
player.removeitem <ItemID> <#>Removes an item from your inventory.
player.removeperk <PerkID>Removes a perk from your character.
player.removespell <variable>Removes a spell, disease or power from your character.
player.resethealthFully heals you.
s1stShows your arms behind you while in third-person mode.
player.setav <AV> <#>Sets your Actor Value to the determined number.
player.setcrimegold <#> <FactionID>Sets any value to your own bounty.
player.setlevel <#>Sets your level to the determined value.
SetPlayerRace <Raceid>Changes the player race.
Player.SetRace <RaceID>Similar to the previous command, but usable on NPCs. Can also turn you into a non-human race.
player.setscale <#>Change your height.
showracemenuOpens up the customization menu.
player.showinventoryList all items in your inventory with their respective IDs.
spf <name>Saves your currently set face in the game’s files.
sucsm <#>Changes the speed for free-flying camera, with the default being 1.
player.teachword <WOOP>Teaches a Word of power.
player.unlockword <shoutID>Unlocks an specific Word of Power

All Skyrim Quest Console Commands

Quest commands will affect the many tasks NPCs give you throughout the game in various ways.

Command InputEffect
caqsComplete all quests instantly (may cause strange results)
completequest <QuestID>Complete an specific quest.
getstage <QuestID>Complete a specific stage on a quest.
movetoqt <QuestID>Moves to the quest’s target.
resetquest <QuestID>Resets a quest.
saqStarts all quests in the game (can also cause unexpected results)
SetObjectiveCompleted <QuestID> <stage #> Set a certain quest as complete or incomplete. 1 is complete, 2 is incomplete.
setstage <QuestID> <stage #>Sets the stage for the specified quest.
showquesttargetsShows all current quest IDs.
setpqv <quest form ID> <quest variable ID> <desired variable>Modifies values from a certain quest (such as rewards or required items).
sqv <QuestID>Shows all variables used in a given quest.
player.sqs <QuestID>Shows all stages in a given quest.
sqoShows a list of all currently active and completed quests’ objectives

All Skyrim Toggle Console Commands

Toggle commands will enable certain special actions and modes. Use it a second time to disable what you just did.

Command InputEffect
rmToggles run mode (identical to the assigned key)
taiToggles Artificial Inteligence
tcToggles control (can control an targeted NPC)
tcaiToggles Combat Artificial Intelligence
tclToggles collision (no-clip mode)
tdetectToggles AI Detection
teofisToggles image effects such as blur.
tfcToggles freely camera.
tfowLoads all unexplored areas in the current local map.
tgToggles grass
tgmToggles God Mode (infinite everything, you move at maximum speed at all times)
timToggles Immortal Mode (you can’t die no matter what)
tllToggles Level of Detail in the models
tmRemoves UI
tmm <#>Toggles Map Markers. 0 disable them while 1 enable all of them.
tmoveToggles your ability to move.
tsToggles skybox and fog
tscrToggles script processing
ttToggles trees
twsToggles water display while not underwater.
twfToggles flamework border

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All Skyrim Targeted Console Commands

You need to set a target before using these commands, which can be used mostly on NPCs and objects.

Command InputEffect
additem <ItemID> <#>Adds the specific item to target NPC (can use it to sell items in a batch).
DamageActorValue <attribute> <amount>Lowers attribute by the desired amount.
disableMakes the target disappear.
dispelallspellsRemoves spell effects and poisons from target.
duplicateallitems <refID>Duplicate the target’s inventory to another NPC’s inventory.
enableBrings disappeared targets back.
equipitem <ItemID> <#> <left/right>Gives target a certain item. 1 makes it unremovable.
equipspell <SpellID> <left/right> Gives target a certain spell.
forceav <AV> <#>Forces actor value to the designed number.
GetAngle <axis>Gives you the exact rotation axis (x, y or z) of the target.
getav <AV>Gives you the actor value of the target.
getavinfo <AV>Gives you info on the specified actor value.
getlevelGives you the target’s level.
getlocationcleared <ID>Gives you the specified location’s clear code.
getpos <axis>Gives you the target’s coordinates.
getrelationshiprank <ID>Gives you the current relationship level with the target.
hasperk <ID>Gives you info whether the target has the specified perk or not.
killKills the target (if applicable)
lock <#>Locks a chest or door, with the number being the difficulty.
MarkForDeletePermanently deletes an item.
modav <AV> <+/-#>Adjusts the actor value by the specified amount.
moveto playerTeleports the target to you.
openactorcontainer <#>Shows the inventory of the target, with the number being the correct ranking for faction status.
playeridle <ID>Forces target to do an specific action.
pushactoraway <ID> <distance>Pushes or pulls the target by the specified distance.
recycleactorConstantly cycles between actors within the same actor ID.
removeallitemsRemoves all items from the target’s inventory.
resetaiResets target’s AI.
resetinventoryReset target’s inventory to its original state.
RestoreActorValue <attribute> <amount>Removes the effects of DamageActorValue.
resurrect <#>Revives the target. 1 makes it return with all items intact while 0 makes a new copy of the person.
setactoralpha <#>Changes the target’s transparency (0 being invisible, 1 completely visible)
SetAngle <axis> <#>Sets the target’s rotation axis.
setav <AV> <#>Similar to forceav, but will disappear through saves.
setessential <BaseID> <#>Makes the target immortal (1) or mortal (0)
setfavorstate <#>Makes the target obey you with 1. Use 0 to turn it back to normal.
setghost <#>Turns the target intangible with 1, and tangible with 0.
setgs <attribute> <amount>Set game settings.
set level <1> <2> <3> <4>Set the level of the target NPC compared to the player. Each value is a different variable.
1: <% of PC’s level * 10> The NPC’s level in comparison to the Dragonborn, based on % of their level. (1000 = 100.0%)
2: <1 level +/-> How many levels this NPC will be above or below the level in 1.
3: <starting level> The lowest level this NPC can be.
4: <level cap> The highest level this NPC can be.
setlocatoncleared <ID> <#>Sets a location as cleared (with 1) or uncleared (with 0).
setnpcweight <#>Sets the target’s weight from 0 to 100.
setownership <BaseID>Gives items to the target.
setcellownership <LocationID>Turns the location into owned by the player.
SetPos <axis> <#>Sets the position of the target’s current axis.
setrelationshiprank <refID> <#>Sets the target’s relationship ranking to the player.
setscale <#>Sets the scale to the current target, with 0.1 being the lowest and 10.00 the highest value.
setunconscious <#>Sets the target as unconscious.
sexchangeChanges the target’s gender.
shp <#>Sets HDR parameter.
sifh <#>Target will ignore friendly hits (1) or receive them (0)
str <#>Sets the target’s refraction values, with 0.000001 being lowest and 1.000000 being highest.
unequipitem <ItemID> <#> <left/right>Forces the target to unequip the specified item.
unlockUnlocks the target door or chest.

Have fun breaking the game!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and just about any system you can think of.

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