Here is a list of all of the tamable beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, including Jobberknolls, Fwoopers, Mooncalves, and more.

There are plenty of fantastic beasts in the Wizarding World, and Hogwarts Legacy gives players the chance to tame, breed, and ride a number of mythical animals and cuddly creatures. So let’s list out all the tamable beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

A List of All 13 Tamable Beasts In Hogwarts Legacy

With 13 beasts to tame and raise in Hogwarts Legacy, any gamers who have always wanted to care for mythical creatures will have a terrific assortment of animals to choose from. Here is the full list and a little bit about each animal.

Graphorns: These impressive mountain-dwelling quadrupeds have extremely thick skin meant to repel attacks and even spells.They have large horns and a short snout with tentacle-like whiskers hanging down. If you tame a Graphorn, you can also use them as a steed.

Mooncalves: These adorable creatures have long furry necks, cute mouse ears, and four stubby webbed feet. Their bulging blue eyes are incredibly lemur-like and make for a cute companion to tame and raise in the Vivarium.

Puffskeins: Another cuddly creature, the Puffskein is a small ball of fluff with an impressively long tongue. These are known not only for being affectionate creatures, but for their ability to eat anything and everything, like a cozy little garbage disposal.

list of all of the tamable beasts in Hogwarts Legacy puffskein

Giant Purple Toads: The only thing especially magical about these Giant Purple Toads is the fact they’re as big as the name suggests. Not only can players tame and befriend these behemoth dog-sized amphibians, but they’ll also be required in a few sidequests.

Thestrals: These skeletal equine creatures can only be seen if the beholder has witnessed death, but despite this eerie coincidence, Thestrals are friendly and peaceful. They also make for great mounts in the game.

Nifflers: A Niffler is a cute platypus-esque mythical mammal that has an affinity for pocketing shiny objects in its pouch. Among all the tamable beasts, Nifflers make for great cuddly pets in Hogwarts Legacy, though owners will want to watch out for their personal knickknacks when interacting with them.

Kneazles: Kneazles have lion qualities in the size of a house cat, and similar to house cats, they make a great pet addition in your tamed beasts collection. And just like house cats, they can be a bit aloof, but they will be a great companion once they start to like you.

Hippogriffs: Arguably the most famous of the Wizarding World’s fantastic creatures, a Hippogriff has the head and front legs of an eagle, with a back like a horse. These are proud creatures who will need to be bowed to in order to approach and tame them, but once a connection is made, they make for great mounts to travel across Hogwarts.

list of all of the tamable beasts in Hogwarts Legacy phoenix

Phoenix: These beautiful birds are associated with fire and will be reborn in a fiery blaze once their lifespan is over.They also make for great pets to tame and breed.

Unicorns: One of the most iconic mythical creatures both in and outside the Harry Potter lore, unicorns are incredibly pure, with their hair being used for wands. They can also make for great steeds, though they are shy and most often found in the dangerous Forbidden Woods.

Jobberknolls: The Jobberknoll is a small plumed bird that is silent until it sings a beautiful swan song before its death. In game, they are cute additions to your Vivarium.

Fwoopers: Another of the fantastic birds in Hogwarts Legacy, Fwoopers are beautifully feathered flyers that look somewhat similar to an owl. Taming a Fwooper means you’ll have a beautiful pet in your aviary.

Diricawl: The Diricawl are the dodos of the wizard realm, being plump and flightless birds with a cute but dopey disposition. But despite the goofiness, the Diricawl is still a fine addition to your collection of tamed beasts.

Now you know about all of the tamable beasts in Hogwarts Legacy! Next, if you want to know how to sell your beasts for a tidy profit, we have you covered for that too.

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