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All Trailblaze Missions in Honkai: Star Rail, Listed

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With new story beats dropping every couple of weeks, Honkai: Star Rail is filled with Trailblaze Missions. You need to complete all of them if you want to keep up with current content and unlock new areas, so here’s a full list of them.

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All Honkai: Star Rail Trailblaze Missions, Listed

As of 2.1, there are missions in total. Content such as new areas, bosses and much more is unlocked by progressing through them, so make them your priority as much as possible. Missions are divided into Chapters, and completing all of a planet’s chapters unlocks its related Trailblaze Continuance Mission. You can check them at any time in-game by heading to Missions > Fate Atlas.

Star Rail Trailblaze Missions Atlas
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All Honkai: Star Rail Herta Space Station Traiblaze Missions

Herta Space Station has a single chapter with a total of six missions.

Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowChaos in the Deep
Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowEye of the Storm
Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowA Moment of Peace
Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowLingering Shadows
Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowThe Voyage Continues
Today is Yesterday’s TomorrowDrifting Between the Stars

All Honkai: Star Rail Jarilo-VI Traiblaze Missions

Jarilo-VI has 2 chapters with a total of 23 missions.

In the Withering Wintry NightA Grand Cool Adventure
In the Withering Wintry NightTravelers on a Winter Night
In the Withering Wintry NightEverwinter Night
In the Withering Wintry NightYou Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
In the Withering Wintry NightHide-and-seek
In the Withering Wintry NightThe Eight and Final Rule
In the Withering Wintry NightLong Wait for the Blade’s Edge
In the Withering Wintry NightOnes Fallen into the Abyss (Requires Trailblaze Level 13 or higher)
In the Withering Wintry NightA Sunset Rendezvous
In the Withering Wintry NightThe Past Will Return as an Avalanche
In the Withering Wintry NightLying in Rust
In the Withering Wintry NightTo Rot or to Burn
In the Withering Wintry NightNot Good with Farewells
In the Sweltering Morning SunCleanse in the Darkness Outside (Requires Trailblaze Level 24 or higher)
In the Sweltering Morning SunUnattainable Idol
In the Sweltering Morning SunYoung Guard
In the Sweltering Morning SunSoldiers Stay Silent
In the Sweltering Morning SunThe Stars Are Cold Toys
In the Sweltering Morning SunRoads to the Past Have Long Been Closed
In the Sweltering Morning SunThe Return
In the Sweltering Morning SunIn the Dangerous Muddy Swamp
In the Sweltering Morning SunNo Time for Me, My Friend
In the Sweltering Morning SunSilent Galaxy

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All Honkai: Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Traiblaze Missions

The Xianzhou Luofu has three chapters with a total of 12 missions.

Windswept WanderlustAn Invitation Without Proffer (Requires Trailblaze Level 29 or higher)
Windswept WanderlustAmidst the Mara-Stuck
Windswept WanderlustDevising Stratagems
Windswept WanderlustThe Hound Chases the Fox
Windswept WanderlustStars Spun, Prescience Sprung
Windswept WanderlustNew Friends Bring New Joy (Requires Trailblaze Level 34 or higher)
Windswept WanderlustOmniscient Inquiry of Arcana
Windswept WanderlustWood Sprouts Anew, Fate Tilts Askew
Windswept WanderlustHumming Antlers, Entwined Horns
Topclouded TowerthrustDesolate Depths of Despair (Requires Trailblaze Level 34 or higher)
Topclouded TowerthrustA Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant
Karmic Clouds Faded, War Banners FoldedObsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead

All Honkai: Star Rail Penacony Traiblaze Missions

Penacony has a total of three Chapters and 29 missions, with an Intermission on the way.

The Sound and the FuryLong Day’s Journey Into Night
The Sound and the FuryThe Youths Who Chase Dreams
The Sound and the FurySleepless Night
The Sound and the FuryTales from the Golden Age
The Sound and the FuryGood Omen, My Friend
The Sound and the FuryGentleness, the Name of Nocturne
The Sound and the FuryThrough a Glass Darkly
The Sound and the FuryShould One Awake at Midnight
The Sound and the FuryWhodunit
Cat Among PigeonsThe Devil in Velvet
Cat Among PigeonsLost Generation
Cat Among PigeonsDouble Indemnity
Cat Among PigeonsWhen the Sacred Ginmill Closes
Cat Among PigeonsHeaven is a Place on Earth
Cat Among PigeonsWhy Do the Heathen Rage?
Cat Among PigeonsThe Tell-Tale Heart
Cat Among PigeonsAll the Sad Tales
Cat Among PigeonsA Walk Among the Tombstones
In Our TimeThe Great Train Robbery
In Our TimeThe Fool Always Rings Twice
In Our TimeSmall Town Grotesque
In Our TimeThe Public Enemy
In Our TimeBullet & Brain
In Our TimeThe Only Path to Tomorrow
In Our TimeSeabiscuit
In Our TimeBeauty and Destruction
In Our TimeEverything that Rises Must Converge
In Our TimeThe Sun Also Rises
In Our TimeAnd on the Eight Day

All Honkai: Star Rail Trailblaze Continuance Missions Listed

There are currently 14 Trailblaze Continuance missions available in the game. They’re often introduced as part of events but end up becoming permanent content. You need to complete the related planet’s main quest before tackling them, and most of them work in a very event-like flow.

Crown of the Mundane and DivineWhen the Stars of Ingenuity Shine
Mundane Troubles
Jolted Awake From a Winter DreamFuture Market (Prologue)
Future Market (I)
Future Market (II)
A Foxian Tale of the HauntedSojourners’ Ghastly Reverie
Fyxestroll Gathering (I)
Fyxestroll Gathering (II)
Fyxestroll Gathering (III)
Sword Essence
Fyxestroll Gathering (IV)
Foxian Dream

And those are all the Trailblaze Missions in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC and Playstation 5 for free.

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