Do you really, really, really want to get your hands on the PS3 Slim and can’t wait a day longer than you have to? E-tailer may be your best bet, apparently pre-empting the official PS3 Slim launch by five days.

When Sony unveiled the PS3 Slim last week, it triumphantly announced that gamers would be able to pick up the shiny new package as early as September 1st worldwide. For most people, that was excitingly soon. For others, it apparently wasn’t soon enough.

Register Hardware reports that’s North American branch is planning to deliver the PS3 Slim to gamers in the US a full five days ahead of Sony’s stated launch date, after they “successfully placed an order for a PS3 Slim with Amazon’s US arm and received an estimated delivery date of 27 August.”

This news comes off as slightly strange, considering that Amazon earlier warned it might suffer shortages of the probably-popular PS3 redesign, and so was limiting orders to one per household. So, even if you get it early, you can only get one.

Or, looking at it from another point of view, it’s understandable that Amazon might be short on stock come September 1st, because they sold it all five days beforehand.


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