Amazon Launches Its Own Game Studio


Not content to merely sell games, Amazon is carving out a slice of the game industry for itself.

Amazon has had a watchful eye on the games market for some time now. After branching into mobile games and a digital delivery service for free-to-play games earlier this summer, the retailer has decided to cut out the middle man. With the announcement of its own private development studio, Amazon is stepping up its game (pun completely intended) once more.

Amazon Game Studios, as described on its official website, is “focused on creating innovative, fun and well-crafted games.” In practice, this means free-to-play social games on Facebook and possibly other venues. The studio’s first title, Living Classics, is already out and ready to play on Facebook.

The fresh new developer looks to be playing it safe for now – Living Classics is a hidden object game (though the team prefers the term “moving object game”). Players are tasked with helping a family of foxes who have become lost in a variety of animated storybook locales. Unsurprisingly, gameplay involves spotting hard-to-find objects scattered throughout the worlds of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and King Arthur. Social elements and power-ups help to give the game lasting appeal, though the biggest draw seems to be the vibrant artwork.

As of yet, the studio has not announced plans for future titles, but don’t count them out – they’re hiring.

Source: Amazon

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