Amazon (Temporarily) Unveils GotY New Vegas


A Game of the Year version of Fallout: New Vegas has made a fleeting appearance on the Web, though it’s back in stealth mode, now.

It was only a matter of time before the Game of the Year edition of Fallout: New Vegas was due to come out. The first glimpse of this version of the game has finally been spotted on the Web, but only for a brief moment. Earlier today, Amazon had the edition available for pre-order, but the page has since been taken down.

The pre-order listed the game at £20.62. However, the page didn’t include any details about what content would be included. That said, it’s probably safe to assume that all the updates/patches (so that it will, y’know, actually run without crashing) and DLC for the game would be included. Theoretically that means that at least the Dead Money expansion would be a part of the title.

Of course, the fact that Amazon’s already taken the page for the game down puts the game’s status back in the “it’ll eventually happen, but we don’t know when” category. Of course, the GotY edition will eventually hit the markets, but exactly when this will be, what it will include, and how much it will cost remains to be seen.

Source: VG247 via Eurogamer

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