AMD Coughs Up Cash for Young Artists

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Computer technology maker AMD is giving $65,000 in an effort to spur youth creativity through games.

For six years the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers has fostered creativity and the creation of art for low-income students between 7th and 11th grade, granting scholarships for a variety of endeavors and empowering young artists to pursue education and the arts. Now, videogames will be entering into the categories thanks to a grant from AMD.

AMD has released a statement about the competition, saying it is using this opportunity to foster math, science and technology skills while further promoting the power of games as a social medium. “Gaming isn’t just about entertainment anymore. Developers – including high school students – are now creating games designed both to educate and engage people of all ages on pressing social issues.”

In addition to the scholarships, AMD is also using this funding for gaming workshops and summer programs that will further the interest and knowledge of game development within the youth. Through games, they are hoping to drive the students’ creativity and advance their technological know-how as they prepare for higher education and the working world.

In case you needed any more proof that games are art, here it is. The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers expects around 700 entrants into the 2011 gaming category. Who knows? We might catch a glimpse of gaming’s future when it’s time to hand out the awards.

Source: GamePolitics


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