Netflix has released a trailer sizzle reel of all its summer movies, including Army of the Dead, America: The Motion Picture, & Trollhunters.

Netflix’s growth might be slowing down thanks to its actually having some competition in the streaming market, but that doesn’t mean its output is. The streamer has dropped a trailer for all of the upcoming summer 2021 releases, and there is a massive amount of movie content coming to Netflix. The season’s biggest film is probably Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, but there is a lot to look forward to with a new animated comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller called The Mitchells vs. The Machines, the adaptation of The Woman in the Window, the animated satire America: The Movie, and a new Trollhunters film all included.

There’s obviously a lot to unpack there, and you can see a full list of summer 2021 Netflix films below if you so desire. The films that probably appeal to Escapist readers most (we know what you click) include Army of the Dead, which sees Zack Snyder return to the genre that gave him a career with a bonkers, slow-motion-filled zombie movie featuring smart zombies and Dave Bautista. There’s also our first look at the upcoming Trollhunters: Rise of Titans, a continuation of the popular animated series from Guillermo del Toro.

The Netflix summer “sizzle reel” also gave us our first look at America: The Motion Picture. It features a chainsaw-wielding George Washington, beer-loving bro Sam Adams, and a RoboCop centaur, with a cast that includes Channing Tatum, Jason Mantzoukas, Olivia Munn, Bobby Moynihan, Judy Greer, and Forte. There are also action flicks with both Jean-Claude Van Damme (The Last Mercenary) and Liam Neeson (The Ice Road).

There is furthermore Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed, a new documentary capitalizing on the calming painter’s internet memedom over the last couple of years and with a title that makes you not want to watch it for fear it might ruin the mythos of Bob Ross. There’s plenty for the rom-com and teen romance lovers out there as well with the premiere of The Kissing Booth 3 and the gender-swapped remake of She’s All ThatHe’s All That. You’re welcome for getting “There She Goes” stuck in your head for the day.

Finally, the teaser concludes with a clip from the Fear Street trilogy, based on R.L. Stine’s teenage horror books. The series will release three films over the course of the summer, one each month. Release dates haven’t been set yet, but there’s definitely a market for the kind of horror that falls between gruesome slasher and the Goosebumps film.

You can find the full list of films, with some new release dates, below.

Netflix Summer 2021 Movies

Undated summer release

Fear Street trilogy (multiple unconfirmed release dates)
Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed
The Loud House Movie


Things Heard & Seen (April 29)
The Mitchells vs. the Machines (April 30)


Monster (May 7)
Oxygen (May 12)
The Woman in the Window (May 14)
Army of the Dead (May 21)
Baggio: the Divine Ponytail (May 26)
Ghost Lab (May 26)
Blue Miracle (May 27)


Carnaval (June 2)
Awake (June 9)
Wish Dragon (June 11)
Skater Girl (June 11)
Jagame Thandhiram (June 18)
Fatherhood (June 18)
Good on Paper (June 23)
The Ice Road (June 25)
America: The Motion Picture (June 30, surely a great Netflix summer get)
The House of Flowers: the Movie (undated)


Resort to Love (July 29)
The Last Mercenary (July 30)
Blood Red Sky (undated)
Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (undated)
The Last Letter from Your Lover (undated)


The Kissing Booth 3 (Aug. 11)
Sweet Girl (Aug. 20)
He’s All That (Aug. 27)
Beckett (Aug. 27)

There is something for everyone this summer on Netflix.

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