American McGee Goes To China


American McGee has announced plans to create a new development studio in Shanghai.

On August 4th, American McGee quietly updated his blog with the news that he will be starting a new studio in China. He plans to develop a new title described as “an episodic game set in a dark, fairy tale universe.” He goes on to request applications to fill all positions in the company.

Next-Gen notes that in a previous blog entry, American McGee said that, “…This is the place to build armies. In a country of more than 1.3 billion people (nearly 20% of the world’s population) it isn’t difficult to build factories on scales of tens of thousands of workers.” He goes on to discuss a “factory approach” to creating art assets for an increasingly demanding entertainment industry. “To that end I’ve been working with a collection of industry leaders in China to build the world’s biggest and best art outsourcing factory.”

American McGee’s Bad Day LA is currently set to ship in late August.

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