American McGees Alice in Wonderland TV Show in Works with David Hayter McGee's

TV shows based on games are hot right now. And it looks like EA is going deep into the video game franchise barrel for a show as Radar Pictures has picked up the rights to make an American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland TV show with David Hayter heading the adaptation. The show itself has not been picked up by any streamers or TV channels yet, so we will still have to wait to see if it ever actually gets off the ground.

American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns game series is a groundbreaking reimagining of the classic tale,” Hayter said in a statement. “It takes you into the heart of a corrupted Wonderland and throws light into shadowy corners the world has never seen. I am beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience.”

Since long before this proposed American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland TV show, David Hayter has had a pretty good track record of adapting things for the screen, though mostly in the realm of comic books. He penned the first two X-Men movies, Watchmen, and Warrior Nun on Netflix, all of which are actually pretty good. You may also know him as the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear and as a slew of other gravelly voiced animated characters. The guy has many talents.

The American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland TV show will follow along with the game, which turned Wonderland into a gory nightmare and pivoted the allegory from political to mental health. After returning from the events in Through the Looking Glass, Alice finds her home burned down and her parents dead. She tries to commit suicide and is committed to a mental institute where the White Rabbit finds her and brings her back to Wonderland, but now everything is violent, bloody, and messed up. Given the violent, R-rated nature of the games, this one landing on a streamer and not broadcast seems pretty likely.

The games were quite popular when they came out in 2000 and 2011, but it’s obviously been a long time since the series has done anything noteworthy. They may be banking more on people’s recognition of Alice in Wonderland than the games for the success of this series.

“David Hayter brings imagination, experience, and stealth sneaking skills gained through successful missions in film, TV, and video games – a unique combination sure to make this adventure into Wonderland a successful one for the franchise and the fans,” McGee said in a statement. “I am excited to be working with him and know the Alice fans will welcome him with mad affection.”

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