America’s Next Top Model Winner Plays WoW Naked

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Adrianne Curry, the first winner of reality TV series America’s Next Top Model, plays Blizzard’s World of Warcraft in the nude – and she’s got the pictures to prove it.

For all the bajillions of dollars Blizzard spends on getting Mr. T and Ozzy Osbourne to promote World of Warcraft, you have to wonder if maybe the company wouldn’t just be better off putting that money into getting hot women to take off their clothes. At least, that’s what I’ve taken away from the shenanigans of Adrianne Curry, the winner of the very first America’s Next Top Model season and Professional Attention Whore.

Via her Twitter, Curry announced that after an intense workout at her kickboxing class she would be taking a shower, then spending her Sunday afternoon getting stoned and playing World of Warcraft naked.

And then she took a picture to prove it.

Nerds everywhere will likely be rolling a character on the Nazgrel server in order to message her level 33 Night Elf Warrior in order to get more pictures of her boobs. Or they could just buy the Playboy she was in, but that would require logging out of WoW.

In case you were interested, IncGamers has a rather impressive list of just some of the celebrities (of various degrees of fame) that have openly admitted to being WoW players. Here it is:

Mark Hildebrandt (Actor)
Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Routhe (Superman Returns)
Dave Chapelle (Comedy Central)
Jim Lee (DC Comics/Wildstorm)
Steven Spielberg (Director)
Mila Kunis (Milena Markovna) (Video)
Curt Schilling (Baseball)
Verne Troyer (Actor)
Robin Williams (Comedian Actor)
Brad McQuaid (Sigil Games)
Jonathan Davis (Korn)
Vin Diesel (Actor)
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Musician)
Bushido (German Rapper)
Randy Butman (Paths of Possession, bass)
Tony Kakko (Sonata Artica, singer)
Keyon Dooling (New Jersey Nets, NBA)
David D. Friedman (writer)
Jesper Strömblad (In Flames, founder)
Dan Regan (Reel Big Fish, trombone)
Sunny Leone (Pornstar)
Jens Johnnie “Lil Evil” Pulver (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
Clint Howard (Actor)
Dave Filoni (Film Director)
Jerry Trainor (Actor)
Eric Bloom (Blue Öyster Cult, singer)
Eddie Breckenridge (Thrice, bass guitarist)
Chris Kluwe (Football)
Jeff Grubb (Warcraft: The Last Guardian, Forgotten Realms, writer)
Daniel ‘Danny’ Bilson (Film writer, director)
Sanda Mamić (Professional Female Tennis, Croatian)
Ben Affleck (Actor)
Hulk Hogan (Wrestler)
Jessica Simpson
Kanye West (Rapper)
Jay Mohr (Comedian)
Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone, actor)

And now we can add Adrianne Curry to the list. Hooray!

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