Gamers and politicians alike have been itching to discover what was cut from Manhunt 2 to change its rating to M. Now, if a leaked copy of Manhunt 2 currently circulating on torrents and Usenet is legitimate, the public may know for certain what those changes were.

A Google search for “Manhunt 2 Uncut Torrent,” provides around 63,000 hits. A Youtube video of what appears to be the introductory credit sequence for the game was uploaded over the weekend.

Although at first the game would only work on PAL television systems, apparently the pirated game has been modified to also play on NTSC televisions, the standard for the United States.

Manhunt 2 has already generated a firestorm in the game industry, especially the ESRB, who got taken to task repeatedly by anti-game activists for allegedly being too lenient with Rockstar Games in lowering the game’s rating from an AO to M.

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