Analyst Predicts 4:1 Wii to PS3 Sales Ratio for June


Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter predicts a June sales rise of 8 percent over the same period in 2006 and a 4:1 Wii:PS3 sales ratio a week ahead of the monthly NPD numbers.

His estimation forecasts $480 million in sales totals this month, compared to $444 million in June 2006.

Among the estimates in broken-down terms: $325 million in new platform sales, $155 million in software sales for the new platforms, and $125 million for PS2 software.

In terms of consoles, Pachter predicted 435,000 Wiis, 200,00 360s, 100,000 PS3s and 235,000 PS2s moved worldwide. His analysis also has the Nintedo DS outselling the PSP 2:1, with a projected 550,000 DS and 250,000 PSPs moved.


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