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Andor Season 2 Gets a Release Window from Creator Tony Gilroy

Andor Season 2 release window August 2024

Andor has been one of the most well-received of the Disney+ Star Wars shows, and we now know that season 2 is aiming roughly for an August 2024 release window. The reveal came during a live panel at the ongoing Star Wars Celebration, where producer Tony Gilroy was speaking with several cast members, according to IGN.

“We’re about halfway,” said Gilroy. “We’re gonna shoot through August. We’re on exact schedule. [We’ll] finish in August, spend another year on post. I suppose we’ll come out the following August.”

Unfortunately for fans, that means we won’t be seeing the continuing adventures of Cassian Andor and his fellow rebels for almost another year and half. On the other hand, Gilroy did drop one big hint of what to expect: “You know where we’re going,” he said. “You saw that Death Star blow up. We make that happen.”

He’s referencing there the events of Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope. His comments reaffirms that Andor season 2 will accelerate events considerably. The first season began five years prior to Rogue One, which was itself a prequel to A New Hope, and took place over the course of a single year.

Gilroy’s statement suggests that this second season will take up the remainder of that gap, as well as likely end the show’s run, considering the events of Rogue One. If so, it tracks with his previous comments that the story will move quickly, with the season being broken up into discrete three-episode chunks and the action moving forward by a year between them.

Andor season 2 will comprise 12 episodes in total.

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