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Andor, The Mandalorian, and Obi-Wan Bring Star Wars Multiple 2023 Emmy Nominations

It’s good to be in a galaxy far, far away right now. The 2023 Emmy nominations came out today, and Disney landed plenty of noms thanks to its slate of Star Wars shows on Disney+: AndorThe Mandalorian, and Obi-Wan Kenobi all pulled in nominations in a variety of categories today, with Andor taking the top spot for recognition as one of the best drama series of the year. It’s a big win for Kathleen Kennedy and the House of the Mouse, who spent years struggling to make the franchise successful in theaters only to put those efforts on hold and come out with multiple successful series on Disney+ that have been garnering Emmys since they started.

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Andor landed eight nominations from the Emmys, the biggest being for Best Drama Series, which is considered the most prestigious award of the show. In fact, it appears to have knocked The Mandalorian out of contention after the series received a nod each of the last two years, though that may also be because this year’s third season was its weakest. Andor also received a Best Writing nod for the episode “One Way Out” and pulled in two musical nominations. Surprisingly, the show did not receive any acting nominations. Diego Luna deserved to be there, but even more criminally missing is Andy Serkis after he delivered what might be the greatest performance Star Wars has ever contained with his turn as Kino Loy.

The fact is, however, that no Star Wars actors were nominated today. The Mandalorian, pulling in nine nominations, didn’t score any acting nods despite landing them in previous years. This could be in part because Pedro Pascal already had stacked up three acting noms for his turns in The Last of Us (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama), Saturday Night Live (Outstanding Guest Actor), and Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World (Outstanding Narrator). The series’s nominations mostly came in stunts, costuming, and other below-the-line categories. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi pulled in five nominations, including a coveted Best Limited Series nod, but Ewan McGregor was left without any recognition.

Disney didn’t score any nominations for its animated Star Wars fare as The Bad Batch was left empty-handed. Still, for a franchise whose most notable bit of television was a Christmas special featuring Bea Arthur, it’s quite an impressive turnaround.

Andor Emmy Nominations in 2023

  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Series (One Hour)
  • Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
  • Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
  • Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music
  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)
  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie
  • Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

The Mandalorian Emmy Nominations

  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Series (Half-Hour)
  • Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes
  • Outstanding Period And/Or Character Hairstyling
  • Outstanding Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)
  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation
  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie
  • Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie
  • Outstanding Stunt Performance

Obi-Wan Kenobi Emmy Nominations

  • Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes
  • Outstanding Picture Editing For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie
  • Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series
  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Limited Or Anthology Series, Movie Or Special
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie

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