Angry PC Gamer Skips MW2, Sends 60 Bucks to DICE Instead


A PC gamer unhappy with Infinity Ward’s decision to eliminate dedicated servers has put his money where his mouth is by sending the 60 bucks he would’ve spent on Modern Warfare 2 to Battlefield: Bad Company developer DICE instead.

A quick refresher: Infinity Ward stirred up a hornet’s nest last month when it announced that dedicated servers would be dropped from the PC release of Modern Warfare 2 in favor of the peer-to-peer functionality used in the console versions. Community guy Robert Bowling did his best to spin it as a positive but with little effect; saying PC gamers were unhappy with the change would be like describing Niagara Falls as a bit dampish on Thursdays.

For DICE, the studio behind Battlefield: Bad Company 2, however, the uproar was a chance to attract some attention to its own military-themed shooter. The company posted a “Dedicated Server FAQ” on its blog, expounded upon the many advantages of dedicated servers (which it wholeheartedly supports) and promised that it would never turn its back on loyal PC gamers.

The maneuver made a big impression on at least one fed-up PC gamer: A guy named Eddie J. from New Jersey, who, instead of buying Modern Warfare 2, sent a check for $60 to DICE instead, along with a note thanking the studio for standing behind dedicated servers.

“Use the money for whatever, but I would prefer it be spent on development of Battlefield: Bad Company 2,” he wrote. “I would really prefer it be spent on the PC version of BF: BC2… and I really really prefer it be spent on PC dedicated server support for BF: BC2. ;)”

Rumors that DICE actually intends to use the money to buy a pack of smokes and a couple cases of beer remain unconfirmed, but no matter how it gets blown, it was a damn fine gesture and I tip my hat to you, Eddie. Well played, sir. Well played.

via: GamePolitics

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