Announcing The Escapist‘s Five Favorites of 2012



Check out all of the Five Favorites of 2012 and enter for a chance to win some epic loot!

Every year, we here at The Escapist present our five favorite games of the year. These aren’t necessarily candidates for Game of the Year, just games that we thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to take some time to highlight. Whether they’re indie games or triple-A blockbusters, these are games that we love so much, we want to share that love with the world, or at least with you.

Okay, so maybe you’ve already played every game that came out in 2012 (that’s impressive,) so you don’t need any advice on what’s good for the year. No worries, we’ve got you. As a special bonus this year, in teaming up with AMD we’re giving away a FarCry 3 Edition PC, a Devil 13 Dual GPU by AMD, and a small cache of games divvied up between five lucky winners. Just check out the 5 Favorites posted each day this week, then on Friday, once you’ve gotten to know us all a little better, apply that newfound knowledge to enter for your chance to win. Been itching to build a new gaming rig? This should handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. Just want a new GPU to play around with Steam’s Big Picture? The Devil 13 GPU should be able to accommodate pretty easily. If you’re just hoping to get your hands on some new games to play, we’ve got you covered.

You can find the full details of the giveaway on the Five Favorites page, alongside your recommended daily allowance of editor’s picks, of course. Kicking things off, see what Paul Goodman has to say about the state of videogames in 2012. Each day will bring you a different editor and their picks for the year, as well as bringing you one day and one answer closer to entering the contest for the AMD giveaway on Friday.

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