Another Dragon Age 2 Unlockable Goes Up For Grabs


BioWare has put yet another Dragon Age 2 unlockable on the table and this one might actually be a little tough to achieve.

Earlier this month BioWare promised to give away two unlockable Dragon Age 2 items, “Lothering’s Lament” and “The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall,” if the Dragon Age 2 demo was downloaded more than one million times by March 1. The job was done within a week, so now the studio is ready to make a new deal.

Of Things Not Lost” is the third and most powerful of the three tomes written by a Ferelden refugee fleeing the Blight, although what it actually does is still a mystery. All that’s known at this point is that the book of poems describes the author’s struggle to “preserve her past and cling to the few physical mementos she’d brought with her into foreign lands.”

To unlock it, Dragon Age fans must hit the Dragon Age Facebook page every day and share that day’s post. If every post from now until March 4 is shared and reaches one million impressions on the day that it’s posted, BioWare will unlock “Of Things Not Lost” for everyone.

But if even one day is missed, you get nothing!

Dragon Age 2 comes out on March 8 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.

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