Not even the majestic bullfrog can resist the addictive allure of casual gaming.

See that clip embedded at right? That’s an African Bullfrog trying his webbed hand at Ant Crusher, a simple game that tasks players with, well, crushing ants. One would think that the amphibian’s evolutionary adaptations would give him a solid advantage in a game based on the same concepts he uses daily to feed himself, and one would be totally correct.

Seriously, just look at that dude go! His tongue is all over the place! Those ants are all “doo doo doo, just gonna walk over here” and the bullfrog is like, “nope, sorry, you’re dead now.”

This clip comes hot on the heels of another, similar effort in which a Bearded Dragon attempts to play Ant Crusher alongside a chorus of Super Mario Bros. sound effects. I say “attempts,” because while that clip was adorable, the Bearded Dragon is no match for Pyxicephalus Adspersus up there. The frog is just so much more focused than the Dragon, and while both animals dine on many of the insects seen in the game, the bullfrog is clearly the apex predator in this situation.

In fact, the bullfrog is such a talented killing machine that his bloodlust can not be sated by mere virtual bugs. I won’t spoil the ending, but at the 21-second mark the above clip takes a worrying turn for the morbid as the amphibian attempts to cast of the shackles of his mammalian master.

In that single instant, you can almost hear the froggy manifesto running through his tiny brain. “What? You thought we would forget Frogger? The time for vengeance is nigh human! From hell’s heart I chomp at thee!”

Source: Geekologie

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