Antonio Banderas Fights For the Robots in Automata


New sci-fi movie features friendly robots, human conspiracy

Cinescondite and Yahoo have debuted the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/action film Automata, featuring Antonio Banderas and looking very much like the lovechild (in style and story) of Blade Runner and District 9.

The film takes place “fifty years into the future,” where Earth is reverting into a desert after its natural resources have been all but depleted. With the human population rapidly decreasing in number, a powerful corporation manufactures humanoid robots to help maintain what’s left of civilization and order; employing specialist “insurance agents” like Jacq Vaucan (Banderas) to investigate reports of robot malfunctions – chiefly violations of the security protocols implemented to keep robots submissive to humans. During one such investigation, Vaucan encounters a community of robots who claim to have become sentient, along with a conspiracy that threatens man and machine alike.

Despite the similar themes, the film does not appear to be affiliated with the Penny Arcade comic of the same name. The film is the big-time debut of Spain’s Gabe Ibanez, who previously directed the thriller Hierro with Elena Anaya.

Source: Cinescondite

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