APB Beta Now Open for Sign-Ups


If you meet Realtime Worlds’ stringent requirements for marital status, income level, home ownership and the amount of RAM on your video card, you too can qualify for a zero equity loan modification – er, I mean, the APB beta.

It seems that work is chugging along nicely for Crackdown creator Realtime Worlds’ urban MMOG APB, as the studio has seen it fit to begin beta sign-ups for the game. Not that they’re exactly opening the gates wide open for all to participate.

As Kotaku rightly points out, this beta application isn’t a far cry from the kind of form you’d have to fill out at the freaking DMV. The typical stuff is here, like info about your rig and the required DxDiag file, but there’s also tons of required info about things like how much money you make, your ethnic background, marital status, etc.

“Selected testers will receive an invitation by email along with details of how to download the game and take part,” Realtime Worlds says. “If you don’t hear back from us in the next few months, don’t despair, we’ll be selecting more people right through to launch and we will need bigger numbers of testers as time goes on. Even if you’re not selected for the start of the program you may get an invitation later.”

What gives, Realtime Worlds? Are they specifically only letting a certain demographic of users into the beta for now? Do I need to be a Hispanic who is married without children and makes in the $15,000 to $30,000 per year range in order to get into this dang thing? It’s really rather haranguing filling out this application. Good thing I’m press and can just ask my way in. Oh, the perks of this profession.

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