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Aquaman 2 Will Have a Silver Age ‘Vibe,’ Not Based on One Comic

aquaman 2 silver age vibe black manta David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick

One of the downsides to being a comic book fan is that, for many of the comic book movies, you already know the end because a lot of them are based on classic comic book storylines. Not so for Aquaman 2, however. During a Twitter Q&A David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the screenwriter for the upcoming sequel, revealed that the film won’t lift from any particular Aquaman story but will have a “vibe” like Silver Age stories featuring villain Black Manta.

Given Aquaman‘s post-credits sequence, which heavily hinted at Black Manta returning after he was rescued by Randall Park’s Dr. Shin, this makes a lot of sense. Black Manta was introduced during the Silver Age in 1967, hinting that he will be the main villain for Aquaman 2. What that means in terms of plot is unclear, however. Storylines, motivations, and character development were still coming into their own during the Silver Age, and comics during that time could get… weird.

Johnson-McGoldrick was also asked about The Trench, a planned spin-off film that focuses on the titular creatures that plagued Aquaman in the first film. The movie is said to be a light horror film, and the screenwriter believes it will take place between Aquaman and Aquaman 2.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to release on December 16, 2022, with Jason Momoa returning.

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