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Are Baizhu or Ganyu Worth Trying to Pull in Genshin Impact?

Are Baizhu or Ganyu Worth Trying to Pull in Genshin Impact?

New Wish banners are available now in Genshin Impact. One of them introduces a brand new playable character Baizhu, Beyond Mortality! This famous Genshin Impact Doctor is a sick new addition. Literally — he has a chronic illness that causes him to cough when you sprint with him, poor guy! But just how good are Baizhu and returning banner character Ganyu, and are they worth adding them to your roster in Genshin Impact?

Is Either Baizhu or Ganyu Worth Your Hard-Earned Wishes?

Where to spend your Wishes is a constant question in Genshin Impact, especially when a new character banner arrives. For one, it can be tough to know when a character you like will show up again. And two, it can be tricky to determine if a new character is good enough to fork out your Wishes for.

The latest dilemma involves top-tier Cryo-damage-dealing character Ganyu and the new Dendro support character Baizhu, the latter of whom specializes in healing and shielding. Thankfully, both characters are excellent and fully capable of fitting into a range of team compositions nicely.

What You Need to Know About Baizhu

Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy and has a pet white snake he’s always with named Changsheng. His character design features Changsheng curled around his neck, and he has a unique ability set that fits well into a Hyper Bloom team composition. His ability to stack HP to scale his healing and shielding capabilities makes him a tanky character, while his healing can restore the entire team simultaneously, making him pretty darn valuable as a healer. 

Baizhu doesn’t stop there, however. He also provides a shield that scales based on his HP. This shield refreshes every three seconds when active, making your party incredibly tanky once it’s up. He also increases Dendro damage for the team and buffs Bloom and Hyper Bloom damage significantly, making him a top candidate for a Hyper Bloom team alongside Dendro legend Nahida from the previous banner.

While he’s not quite an S+ tier character, he’s well rounded and effective enough at his support role that he could comfortably fall in the S tier as a support thank to his strong healing and shielding abilities and bonus to Bloom and Hyper Bloom damage scaling. If you have that kind of team composition going, it could definitely be worth considering adding him to your roster. I know I am!

What You Need to Know About Ganyu

Ganyu is trickier to recommend outright. She’s widely considered to be a top-tier Cryo damage character. In terms of her damage output, she probably falls into the S+ tier. Her problem, however, is that she’s not the most exciting character or even much fun to play overall. I would use her as a sub or support, but I don’t find her enjoyable enough that I would want to make her my main damage character, which is a shame given her power.

If your team is missing a strong Cyro component and perhaps a strong sub-damage dealer, Ganyu can be pretty good as a Cryo burst option. Her ultimate is incredibly good for Cryo application and lasts on the field for quite a while. 

Ganyu is certainly powerful, and I wouldn’t complain about getting her. But… put it this way, I wouldn’t be happy if I had to Wish until pity for her and would rather save my Wishes for characters like Raiden or Alhaitham.

Overall, both Baizhu and Ganyu are worth considering spending your Wishes on in Genshin Impact. It will depend on what other characters you’re working with and how they’d fit in. 

If you have a Hyper Bloom team, Baizhu could be an amazing addition. If you have a Freeze or Melt team, then you really couldn’t go wrong by adding Ganyu into the mix. Either way, I’d say to do their Trials first to see if you enjoy how they play in Genshin Impact before picking them up!

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