Bank robbers in Payday 3. But are Payday 3's servers down?

Are the Payday 3 Servers Down?

Payday 3’s open beta has begun, giving you a taste of the bank-robbing multiplayer shenanigans that await in the full release. But if you’ve tried to play it, you might be wondering are the Payday 3 servers down? Here’s the answer.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Payday 3’s Server Status

Payday 3’s servers are down. And up. And down. And up… You get the picture. People have been able to play the game, but just as many have been taking to X, Reddit, and other forums to express their displeasure at the shaky servers. It appears to be that so many people are trying to play the game that it’s knocking the servers out of action, as well as throwing up other errors. And that’s what the developers want.

The open beta isn’t just to let would-be players see what’s on offer, it’s also to stress-test the game. On the game’s Steam page, developer Starbreeze Entertainment says:

“We’d appreciate it if you’d help us put pressure on our servers by logging on and matchmaking all at once […] until something breaks. This is the one time we ask you to help destroy our stuff, so please, take the opportunity!”

Because of this test, the final game should be subject to fewer server outages when it launches later this month. If you’re having difficulty getting on, it may because the servers have been downed by the stress of too many users, or that player load has caused some other issue.

So, if you’re trying to play Payday 3 and you’re not getting in, your best option is to keep trying. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Payday 3 X account, and the Starbreeze X account. That’s what you need to know about the status of the servers of Payday 3 during this technical open beta.

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