In which “you hit like a girl” becomes a flattering compliment.

The Thousand Pounds Action Company has returned with a clip inspired by Catwoman’s combat style in the recent (and brilliant) Batman: Arkham City.

You will recall Thousand Pounds as the people behind these phenomenal live-action Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos as well as this live-action translation of that whole Naruto thing the kids are so wild about these days. In sum, they’re a group of geeky martial artists and stunt people who are really, really good at filming fight scenes.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that this Arkham City clip is both faithful to its source material and really impressive. In lieu of a hyper-sexualized cat lady in fetish gear, the video stars Mickey Facchinello, and straight up, she’s awesome. Don’t get me wrong; I fully realize this is choreographed and odds are solid that Ms. Facchinello couldn’t reliably beat down a half-dozen burly dudes in reality, but that aforementioned choreography is so good that it plants a seed of doubt that maybe, just maybe she patrols the streets at night wrecking faces.

Then again, that’s not giving enough propers to the star. I won’t take the expected low-road by commenting on how physically attractive she is — every other gaming journalist likely already has that creepy angle covered — so instead, I’ll praise how fluid and focused her movements are while engaged in these faux fisticuffs. Especially in the more obviously Muay Thai-derived attacks.

Tony Jaa would be proud.

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