Arma 3 Community Video Invites You To Wargaming Heaven


ShackTactical’s Dslyexci talks Arma 3 modding, maps, and more.

A series is often only as strong as its community, and in Arma 3‘s case its community has volunteered to spread the word, in a series of Community Guide videos. ShackTactical’s Andrew Gluck – aka Dslyexci – aims to please, with his ‘Authenticity, Diversity, Opportunity’ short. He’s been playing since 2001, and Arma 3, he confesses, is “my all-time favorite platform.”

“As a dedicated community member since Operation Flashpoint,” says Bohemia’s Korneel van ‘t Land, “Andrew pools from countless hours of experience and is able to share his enthusiasm like no other.” This video is intended as the first of a series of guides, which will introduce new gamers to Arma 3‘s goodness. It’s a basic study; the later videos will probably go into more detail, but for those who haven’t played Arma before, this initial Community Guide should be very useful.

“It’s entirely in your hands as to what the experience becomes,” says Gluck, later adding “Arma 3 is a no-compromise PC game at heart.” If that’s what you love, maybe you should show Bohemia some love; but bear in mind, the game is still in alpha at the moment. It can be bought via Bohemia or Steam, and purchase will give you access to the beta and the finished product, when it becomes available.

Source: Bohemia Interactive

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