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Bohemia Interactive has announced Arma Reforger, an open-world multiplayer sandbox first-person shooter, and it is serving as the “first step” towards creating Arma 4. Arma Reforger is available now in early access on Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam, where it retails for $29.99. The game runs on a new engine called Enfusion and is set amid the Cold War. You can battle across Everon, an island stretching more than 51 square kilometers and encompassing numerous different environments, or you can take the Game Master role to craft your own gameplay scenarios.

Providing a thrilling Cold War-era battle simulation is a major aim of this title. However, Reforger is also intended to serve as a “versatile, creative, fully-moddable platform for the future.” This is true for Bohemia Interactive as it pursues Arma 4, and it is also true for the community at large, which is receiving diverse modding tools at the Workbench and Workshop. Players can use the same tools the developers did in order to craft new mechanics, assets, and textures. Plus, since the Workshop is Bohemia’s own integrated repository service, console players will be able to enjoy these mods the same as PC players.

Arma Reforger is available to start playing on Xbox Series X | S and PC now, and Arma 4 will head to these same platforms at some point in the future.


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