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Arnold Schwarzenegger Nearly Died From Third Open-Heart Surgery

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Legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he almost died due to complications from his third open-heart surgery.

On YouTube, and as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger revealed that prior to filming Terminator: Dark Fate, which released in 2019, he went in for a valve replacement surgery. When he woke up, the doctors told him, “We made a mistake and poked through the heart wall.” They then had to fix the mistake to save Schwarzenegger’s life. Still, the mistake resulted in a difficult recovery for the actor, who shared footage of himself using a walker and railing to support himself while walking at the hospital. As he noted, the doctors got him to walk to avoid pneumonia.

Three months after the botched surgery, Schwarzenegger began filming Dark Fate. That movie saw him reprising his role as the T-800, a character he first played in 1984’s The Terminator. While that’s his most recent film to release, Schwarzenegger will also play a role in Kung Fury 2. He’s also the star of FUBAR, an action-comedy series available through Netflix. That show was renewed for a second season following its release.

Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly one of the most iconic actors still living today, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen his films. Hearing about his ordeal is certainly harrowing, and I’m genuinely very happy to hear that he’s recovering after an incident that could have taken his life.

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