Arrested Development Confirmed for Fifth Season


Will Arnett has confirmed earlier speculations that Arrested Development would be back for a new season.

Last week Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos briefly mentioned in an interview he was positive another season of Arrested Development would be on the horizon. Will Arnett went on The Tonight Show to officially confirm that sentiment.

On Friday night Will Arnett guest-starred on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon made sure his first question was about Sarandos’ statements regarding the show’s return. After a dramatic drum roll Arnett nodded and confirmed that “yes!,” Arrested Development was coming back for a fifth season. No further details were provided, “It’s gonna happen. We don’t when but it is gonna happen.”

Netflix procured the exclusive streaming rights for Arrested Development in 2011 and premiered season four last spring. There’s been constant speculation in the mean time whether or not we’d get a new season or a movie next. Due to numerous conflicting time schedules, the fourth season was shot in a distinctive character-focused format that vastly differed from previous seasons. Given Sarandos’ and Arnett’s statements, that may be the case for season five. Either way it seems the show’s revival was received well enough to warrant more of the Bluth family.

There’s always money in the banana stand.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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