Artist Creates Epic Illustrations of Every Major Scene in Metal Gear Solid


Concept artist Lap Pun Cheung recently wrapped up a Metal Gear Solid speed painting project that produced nearly 40 images based on the game.

Lap Pun Cheung is a man with talent. A concept artist, he’s created countless pieces art of for a variety of projects both professional and personal. Back in May, for instance, he amazed gamers everywhere with a six month speed painting project aimed at illustrating every major scene in Final Fantasy VII. The final gallery included an impressive 130 images and left many gaming fans eager to see what he planned on doing next. After all, how do you top Final Fantasy VII?

By doing the same thing with another PlayStation classic, clearly! Where other artists might have rested on their laurels, Cheung dove right back into more speed painting, this timed targeting Metal Gear Solid. Beginning almost immediately after the end of his Final Fantasy VII project, Cheung set himself to the task of illustrating every major scene in Hideo Kojima’s beloved stealth opus. His work on it recently came to a close, producing nearly 40 images based on big moments including Solid Snake’s battles with the game’s major villains, his fight with Metal Gear Rex and even a bit of VR training.

While some might be disappointed that this gallery isn’t as huge as his Final Fantasy VII one (MGS is a much shorter game, after all), there’s no denying the continued awesome factor of Cheung’s work here. The idea that anyone, even a professional artist, could produce this much high caliber work in such a short time simply boggles the brain. Check it all out and let us know which one’s you like the best.
Source: DeviantArt

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