A portrait of Iron Man rendered in a toilet bowl using human urine has … ugh, taken the gold in a Taiwanese art competition.

Andres Serrano can now retire, safe in the knowledge that at least one other artist is using his own bodily fluids to delight art fans and nauseate everyone else. When an art school graduate, Wong Tin Cheung, noticed blood in his urine, he was inspired to visit his studio rather than his doctor.

The artist, who apparently has a sizable collection of Iron Man products, took around two months to find a toilet bowl in the shape of the iconic character’s head. Once he found it, he armed himself with a collection of edible pigmentation and, oh god, produced the piece in time for the competition. He used his saliva to touch up the artwork, and he apparently had to keep adding spit while waiting for the competition officials to finish examining the other entries.

The piece, dubbed “Blood Urine Man,” was a hit with the judges, who awarded it first place. The competition had over 600 entries from different artists. I was going to end this with an easy “taking the piss” gag, but the fact someone, somewhere, looked at a drawing of Iron Man done in human urine and said “This is good, I like this,” has broken something inside me. Congratulations, art.

Source: China Times

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