AdventureQuest Worlds: A New Year’s Revolution

Intro on Defeating the Yokai… AQW Style


Since I know you have not heard this enough, let me be the first to tell you “Happy New Year!” This is the start of a brand new year, a brand new decade, and (go figure) the start of a brand new release in AdventureQuest Worlds ( ). Sure, we update our MMORPG every week with new content, new items, new monsters, and…some really weird stuff… but this week, we are ganna do something a bit different… (granted, we always do things a little bit different…) Our New Year’s Resolution is starting with a New Year Revolution!


Travel to the mysterious isle of Yokai and track down Princess Ai No Miko. You can’t miss her-she’s the only NPC Princess inside the Edo-inspired palace. Since last year’s Dragon Koi Champion is still powering up his ultimate attack-the Soul Nuke-the Princess of Yokai Isle decided that his 3-week charge-up was long enough. Just as Princess Miko was about to award this year’s Dragon Koi Champion (who just so happened to be one of our players) with the legendary Hanzamune Blade, a Chaos Lord of chaotic proportions swooped in from the rafters above and grabbed the Hanzamune Blade, vanishing in an instant. He’s part ninja, some say. And part samurai. But his name is Kitsune… so does this mean he’s part magic fox, too? …I can’t help but think that he’s fought Teenage Mutant Ninja Kappas before…

It’s about time to put an end to Kitsune’s reign. Unfortunately, the island is overrun with crazed monsters known as Yokai. (Yokai Island flooded with monsters called Yokai… clever, huh?) According to real-life Japanese Folklore, not all Yokai are bad. Most are pranksters. Some are lonely and looking for a friend. Others are just plain creepy who simply want to lick your bathtub. Yes, really. But since Kitsune is a Chaos Lord, the ninja/samurai/all-around-bad-guy has vowed to turn all the Yokai against the Human race. And apparently thus far, he’s kept true to his resolution.

These Yokai are the creepiest Japanese monsters you’ve never seen. Encounter countless shape-shifting Yokai as you and Princess Miko make your way to confront Kitsune. He’s only a Chaos Lord, after all… and I’m sure he’ll listen to reason… well, maybe. But in order to reach said Lord, you will have to travel through the 4 ancient Shrines on the Island and meet with the Yokai there. Some might be friendly… some might be mean… and some might be just plain disturbing!


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Battle On!
Beleen and the AQW Team

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