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Artix Entertainment: AQW’s 1 Year Birthday Bash!


Artix Entertainment is celebrating AdventureQuest World’s first birthday in style! New armors, weapons and pets, OH MY! Add to that a new villain and an unusual new partner and you’ve got the makings of a birthday BASH! Keep reading!


AdventureQuest World’s 1st Year Anniversary Celebration

Grab your party helms and balloon swords-October 10th is AdventureQuest World’s ( ) first birthday! We couldn’t have come this far without the support from every one of our players, so the entire AQW Team is throwing a month-long party in their honor! Presents, party streamers, fun costumes, balloons, and cake will fill the lands in celebration of the big day!
The birthday festivities have already begun! Lasting for the entire month of October, AQWorlds will be hosting the largest and longest party in all of Lore. In addition to brand new armors, classes, weapons and pets, our players will find themselves facing a new villain and, oddly enough, teaming up with a former adversary!

And that’s only a slice of the birthday cake-we have so much more fun in store!

Birthday Extravaganza

In order to celebrate this incredibly special day, the huge birthday party celebration is currently underway! Twig-the fish and ice cream loving Moglin-has been put in charge of the festivities. Wrapped Gift Boxes will drop from the mutant party mascot that Twig lured to the party-it’s half fish, half ice cream, and half party pooper! There are 10 different Gift Boxes to collect, but they cannot be opened until November 1st! Who knows what surprises will be hidden inside? …and hey! No peeking!


Presents Galore

AQWorlds isn’t the only one who is going to receive presents on their birthday. In addition to the 10 Wrapped Gift Boxes dropping from Twig’s hybrid Sweetish Fish, our players can also get their hands on the monster’s weapons, armor, and helms, along with an adorable fish-out-of-water pet! Crazy costumes, hats, party favors and more will be released weekly throughout the month-after all, AQWorlds only turns one once!


Also, players who are Founders-those who have supported AQWorlds since our release-are getting a special surprise at the end of the month. If players missed out on becoming a Founder, they can become a First Holder by purchasing any AQWorlds membership upgrade or AdventureCoin bundle during the month of October. The First Holder title will be displayed as a new badge on the character page, in the Book of Lore, and will unlock a super-special, uber-rare item.

Join the Undead Army

The favorite “good” heroes of Lore have been kidnapped at a most untimely time. Yes, all of them-including Artix, Cysero, Beleen, J6 , Princess Miko, and King Alteon! The ones responsible for their disappearance call themselves the “Golden Onslaught,” led by one of the King’s former knights, Maximilian Lionfang. Unfortunately, charging the fortress in which the heroes are being held will do more harm than good; in fact, Lionfang’s fortress is surrounded by an impenetrable barrier known as the Death Fog! Any living thing that comes in contact with the Fog meets certain death… but you cannot kill that which is already dead…


For ages during the month of October, Undead minions have waged war against the towns and quaint villages of Lore. But this year, things are about to change: our players are going to create the largest army of Undead warriors that the world has ever seen! They must team up with the mistress of Evil, Gravelyn, in attempts to save the kidnapped heroes!



Creating an Undead Army of this caliber is no easy task, even for a DoomKnight such as Gravelyn. At sundown on the eve of AQWorld’s birthday, the highly anticipated DoomKnight Class will finally be released! Brand new armors, weapons, skill sets, and stat points will follow with the arrival of this brand new Class. As newly dubbed DoomKnights, it will be up to our players to lead the Undead Army to victory and save the kidnapped heroes of Lore!


So log in now and join the festivities! Come have some fun with us-this is our first anniversary ever, and you don’t want to miss out! Thanks again to each and every one of you for your continuous support; we couldn’t have done it without you! On behalf of the entire AQWorlds Team, we wish you the best of luck throughout all your adventures to come! We hope you enjoy the anniversary as much as we enjoy making the game for you!

About AdventureQuest Worlds ( )
Amongst our other four RPGS, AdventureQuest Worlds is a free, browser-based MMORPG built in Flash. Our game features a traditional fantasy environment with a completely original plot and outline that is inspired by player feedback. AQWorlds features extremely customizable characters and is updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

Until next time….

Battle On!
Artix, Beleen, and the AE Team!

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