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Artix Entertainment: AQW’s Frostval Festivities


AdventureQuest Worlds: ‘Twas The Knight Before Frostval…

…and all through the town, little Moglins were frozen as snow fluttered down…

As you are reading this (with a classic holiday jingle now stuck in your head), the Heroes of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) are preparing for the Frostval season with holiday /cheer! Frostval is that special time of year when tress are lopped down, festooned with lights, and placed inside living rooms all across Lore. Presents are covered in indestructible wrapping parchment and adorned with ribbons and bows (minus the arrows). Cookies are baked while gingerbread men are devoured on (our) site. And your favorite holiday villains are back to deck-the-halls! Weird traditions, huh?


A year ago, AQWorlds celebrated its 1st Frostval season following its second month of being an official MMORPG. Presents as far as the eye could see were found in shops (and gift-bearing monsters) all across Lore. Along with new weapons, helms, capes, armors, pets, and classes, Frostval also offered new quests, villains, monsters, and-of course-snowball fights!


Missed out on last year’s Frostval celebration? No problem! For this week’s upcoming release, you can replay through last year’s festivities while getting your mittens on the 2009 versions of Frostval Seasonal Rares! Here is your chance to show off your holiday favorites such as the Clawsuit Armor, Frostscythe (it’s a wicked cool scythe), and the Reigndragon pet. Remember, these Seasonal Rares are rare seasonal items and you can only get them during this year’s Frostval. You wouldn’t want to miss out!


In addition to last year’s celebration, you can also embark on a “small” side quest that will allow you to pick on someone-or something-your own size. Old King Coal, that jolly ol’ soul, catches a cold (but since he is an Ice Element King, it’s more like he catches a “warm”). Since the King’s breath is responsible for all of the cold weather in the Frozen Northlands, his increase in body temperature means no Frostval for the Moglins who thrive in the cold! You and your friends must venture into the King’s castle-also known as an igloo-to find out what is causing his ailment. Can you collect enough herbal remedies… and various ice-related puns…. to cool him down?

Experience the joys of Frostval now! You can play AQWorlds for free in your web browser at !

Battle On and Happy Frostval!
Beleen, J6, Llussion, and the AQW Team

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